Saturday, July 12, 2008

If We Want to Go From This:

To This:

...then Obama needs to sort out the Black issues he has with his friends and allies.
Now comedian Bernie Mack is on the chopping block for telling a semi naughty joke at an Obama fundraiser.
For God's sake, one of my absolute favorite things about Black people is their collective sense of humor.
There's nothing more fun for me than being the only white girl in a group of Black people, sitting around and talking.
At my last job, I worked in a 10-story bank building. During break time, my Black pals from all over the building used to meet me downstairs and we'd shuck and jive about Bush being such a dumb-ass cracker and so on. It was heaven.
One of my all-time movies was "The Original Kings of Comedy."
I first watched it with a bunch of rich white people, including a very glamorous, older blonde lady who was the widow of a zillionaire bank president.
As we left the host's elegant house, drizzle was falling, so the lady (inspired by the movie's blue language) said, "You motherfuckas better watch your step 'cause it's drizzling like a motherfucka up in here!"
See? Black humor is contagious!

Obama has had more problems with the bro's than he has had with Fox News.
First, his Reverend Wright jibber jabbered his mouth into a major crisis for Obama. Then that was defused.
Then Michelle Obama said that thing about her new-found pride in America. More defusing required.
Then Jesse Jackson was heard muttering about Obama talking down to Black people and "wanting to cut (Obama's) nuts off."
Defuse again.
Now poor Bernie Mack was just doing his thing and several members of the mostly Black audience started tut-tutting him and yelling at him to clean up his act.
Are they kidding? Have they never seen a Black comic perform before?

Hell, man, I think most Black people are cool.
I like Obama's half-Black side. I like that his wife and he fist-bumped and she gave him the 'I-got-your-back' thumbs up afterwards.
I like how Obama gets wound up and starts speechifying with a Southern Black cadence.

But Obama needs to get it straight with his Black allies and tell them to shut the fuck up until he gets in.

Then they can all be as funky as they want.


FranIAm said...

People who have no sense of humor are more deadly than many other kinds of people.

This is really sick.

karenzipdrive said...

The latest 'The New Yorker' has a cartoon cover depicting Obama in Muslim gear with Michelle Obama dressed as a terrorist.
Fortunately, the people who think that do not read The New Yorker.
Still, I thought the cover was anything but funny.
It'd be like a cartoon of McCain being raped by a Vietcong prison guard while Cindy stands by popping pills and drinking Budweisers.

bigsis said...

Obama had a good response when Larry King asked him about it. O said he knew it was The New Yorker's attempt at satire, but it wasn't entirely successful. He shrugged it off and said its just a cartoon and that's why we have the First Amendment