Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thanks for the Nomination, Suckers!

You know, if people would have just listened to me and taken my word for it from the get-go, we could have avoided a lot of disappointment and bullshit from this new version of Barack "say anything" Obama.
You see, Obama is rapidly trying to out-pander Hillary Clinton now that he's cinched the Democratic nomination.
First, he got behind our disappointing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her pet chihuahua Steny Hoyer and voted to let AT&T and other telecommunications giants off the civil suit hook for their participation in illegally spying on average Americans.
Now he's talking about wanting to emulate George W. Bush's phony "Faith Based Initiative" program. What fucking gall.
See, he wants to kill two birds with one stone here.
1. He wants to appeal to right-wingnut evangelical Christian voters by pretending to give a shit about what they have to say.
2. He wants to make sure everyone knows he's not only a Christian, but a bat-shit extremist Christian who's willing to manipulate language in order to give the secret message that by "faith-based" he means Christian based.
Frankly, I don't give a shit that his naive little whippersnapper Gen X, Y and Z fans are being more disappointed by the day with his pandering. They never bothered to look beyond the cool, skinny guy who promised a lot of ch-ch-ch-changes, so they deserve no sympathy.
But I do feel sorry for my contemporaries, whose wisdom and political savvy was temporarily blinded by Obama's shiny promises of a brighter day a comin'.
Obama's magnificent team of advisers who helped propel him to victory have apparently been replaced by the same old crusty political junkies who are telling him that he's got ta- got ta- got ta start changing his liberal stripes so the fossils in the middle and right will vote for him. As if!
Nope, by pandering to the crusties, what he's doing is sending his base back to their dorms where they'll return to playing Guitar Hero, texting their BFFs and not voting.
He thinks he can screw his early supporters without suffering any penalties, while at the same time trying to shine the shoes of voters who'd rather die than vote for a Black Democrat.

Yep, he's actually trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Hillary could have won the presidency because she appealed to both sides. We all knew from the start she was hiding her innate liberal side in order to appeal to the middle and right. Her record reflects her liberal side, and so does her husband's presidential record.

But nooooooooo, too many Democrats threw the dice and bet on the cool, skinny guy--just assuming he'd stay true to his base and do the right thing.

I'm still voting for him because ANY Democrat would be better than McCain't. But I've never had illusions about Obama being any different from the average flip-flopping, pandering politician.

If he wins, I hope he enjoys his one term. Then we can vote for Hillary and get this fucking show back on the road.


Karen Zipdrive said...

I forgot to mention Obama's recent statements about supporting the death penalty.
When one considers the disproportional amount of Black Americans being sentenced to death, you'd think Obama would be true to that segment of his supporters and denounce the death penalty.
But no.

Dusty said...

I was far too angry to write this much in my post about this happy horseshit. glad you could.

Great Graphic btw! ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul: unbought, unbossed, trying to take down the war machine from within.

Dusty said...

I forgot to tell ya how much I adore your gravatar KZ on the haloscan comments..glad it finally worked!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks, Dusty.
As for Ron Paul, though I liked his stance on the war, when I delved into his policies a little further I found him to be deliciously nutty without a chance in Hell of being elected.
He's definitely a unique Republican in a sea of dull & robotic fascists, but he's still crazier than a rat in a coffee can.
At least our Dennis Kucinich's extremist policies all made sense.

bigsis said...

You can not be a decent, honest human being and be the President of the USA. As former Texas Lt Gov Bob Bullock once said, "All we can hope is that whichever worthless bastard is elected, he's OUR worthless bastard."

And don't even get me started on the whole death penalty thing because some things I've seen and heard make me believe that some people just need to be killed.

libhom said...

Many people don't know that one of the militant, Christian fundamentalists that Obama is pandering to now is in fact Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is a far right Republican who pretends to be a centrist Democrat when she runs for office. Her white supremacist campaign strategy was bad enough, but her efforts to get us into a war with Iraq are now being followed by her efforts to start another racist war, this time on Iran.

If Obama keeps shifting towards Clinton and McCain on the right, I'll vote Green. However, I have no illusions about the rightwing whackjob who misrepresents those of us who live in New York.

karenzipdrive said...

Hyperbole much?

bigsis said...

Vote "Green" as in Nader? Yeah, at least he "talks white" and isn't at all racist. Good plan.

Distributorcap said...

the faith based initiative
that killed me

karenzipdrive said...

If everyone had just relaxed from the start and decided we'd vote for whichever Democrat got the nomination, a lot of people wouldn't have set themselves up to be disappointed by Obama the Panderer.
I am amazed that there were so many dreamers out there who expected him to be different-not bothering to ask themselves how a relatively unknown junior senator rose to power so rapidly.
All these threats to vote green or libertarian or whatever are just stupid throwaway votes. We saw what happened when disgruntled nitwits voted for Nader in '04.
If you want McCain to win, throw away your vote on some wingnut who hasn't got a chance in hell to win.
Then when McBush is sworn in, you can tell everyone how you really got even with Obama.

karenzipdrive said...

Today on her blog Arianna Huffington offers Obama seven points on how not to lose the election, culminating in Molly Ivin's admonition, "Dance with those who brung you."

Anonymous said...

This campaign needs a new slogan. May I propose:

Obama changed my hope!

dguzman said...

I thought it was some stupid bullshit as usual when I saw the little Faux Noise crawl saying "Obama wants more faith-based programs." I can't fucking believe he's doing this shit now. And yes, I'll vote for almost anyone besides McFossil, but I too am glad that I wasn't fooled.

And man, did you nail this generation of young people or what? "back to their dorms where they'll return to playing Guitar Hero, texting their BFFs and not voting." Brilliant!

You make me ALMOST wish I still lived in Texas, just so I could go to happy hour with you, get shitfaced, and scream about politics 'til we both passed out.

Dusty said...

My post on Obama and his 'change' garnered more comments than anything I have written lately..obviously the Obamanistas are pissed when someone points out a few facts to em.

Anonymous said...

Most days I think Charles Krauthammer is a fool, but he nailed Obama today.


Liberality said...

I am not disappointed in Obama because I knew he was far more right leaning than his rhetoric of change and hope let on. And I thought the same thing "who is this guy who just came out of nowhere?" Yeah, I get it that a lot of people were inspired by him but I just don't get WHY they were. When you look closer at what little he has done you can see the hiding behind the Christian banner and the homophobia and the middle of the road stances he's taken. He talks big about not voting for Iraq but he has admitted later on that he probably would have voted the same way Clinton did given the information the senate received and the promises (yeah, right...) from Bush to only go to war as a last option. I am 1000% anti-war so I wasn't thrilled with Clinton's vote and in fact I am pissed at a lot of congress critters for the way they let the threat of terrorism determine all their voting patterns. Good post!

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'll bet Hillary is kicking herself in the ass for pandering too soon and turning off all the youth voters.
I knew what she was doing back then and accepted it with a grimace, knowing that Obama was being wise to delay his 'true colors tour' until he was our nominee.
So? He's kind of a prick just like all politicians. At least he'll be a Democratic prick--unless he gets elected and changes parties.

bigsis said...

No one who runs for Prez ever keeps all their campaign promises. I supported Hillary over Obama but I'm not naive about her. She sold out her beloved universal health care plan to the health care industry for almost $1million in campaign contributions, so there's no way she could have kept that promise.

No one in their right mind would pull the troops out of Irag immediately because all hell would break loose just like it did in Viet Nam. So all we can hope is to get a Prez who doesn't want the war and will figure out a graceful exit.

And its called Faith Based AND Community Initiatives so its not just religious crowds that get the $$. Local and community organizations feed and care for those who have been fucked by our system. Even before the Initiative, the churches were practically the only ones in our country helping victims of human trafficking who had not been certified as refugees. Obama said he wants to keep the program but make it better. Considering the success of FEMA I'd say maybe the money is better in the hands of the locals who take care of their own.