Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Let's Face It.
A Zipdrive Rantatorial

Sarah Palin is as phony and self serving as any politician has ever been.
Her latest slimeball caper is having her political action committee buy copies of her book by the metric ton so she can mail them out to big donors.
Hmm. If money she's collected for her dubious PAC is being used to buy copies of her ridiculous book, does that mean she's personally making money on all the copies?
Yes it does.
I'm sure her right-wing teabagger buddies already have devised some jibberjabber explanation for how this book maneuver is ethical, but who'd be stupid enough to buy the explanation? Why, her legions of fans, of course.
Ignorant and stupid people adore people like Palin and George W. Bush because their intellectual mediocrity is a comfort to them.
While the rest of us might point at her and snicker with derision, her cornpone facade plays all too well with the Fox News/Rush Limbaugh set.
When she talks to crowds, she never speaks about policy or anything substantive. Instead she loves to ladle on platitudes and patriotic drivel that appeal to the lowest level of voters.
It drives me crazy. I want to stick a pencil in her ear.
There is a bright side to her reign of terror, however.
By aligning herself with the teabaggers, she's alienated herself from mainline Republicans who are less enamored with flowery rhetoric and extremist fightin' words.
Educated Republicans must cringe at the thought of her blatant ignorance and reliance on patriotic cliches that the idiot voters love.
We liberals and progressives should love Palin's emergence as a major player in Republican politics. Every time she opens her mouth, wisecracking journalists can't wait to parse her drivel or report on her latest gaffe.
I want her to shut her stupid mouth and fade into obscurity because she's an embarrassment to our nation, but I also love it when she gets on a roll and starts blathering to any audience she can find.
She's a corny joke. She's fast food in human form. She's the equivalent of one of those knitted toilet paper covers that looks like a doll.

As much as I hate her bullshit and pandering, she's not our problem, she's the Republicans' problem. For that I am grateful.


Matty Boy said...

As I said over at Princess Sparkle Pony, I think the GOP should change their mascot from elephant to hyena the way they are tearing at each other.

Anonymous said...

billy carter in drag, she's all theirs for the pleasure

okjimm said...

ya know,.... as scary as Sarah is.... there are folks who think she is legit, smart. Now that is really scary.

Madeline said...

I laughed out loud. nice.

bigsis said...

John Cornyn fears she'll head up a new third party and take the tea baggers and religious nut with her, which will take votes from the R's. If only.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yeah, that dick Cornyn wants to hog all the right-wing religious nutters and teabaggers to himself.
I wish to Hell she would form a third party. Cull out all the extremist nuts and let her lead them over the cliff.

nonnie9999 said...

i think the moronic rethuglican rose is losing her blush (or however the saying goes). all eyes are now directed at their new hero, scott brown, and nobody cares about princess anymore. they couldn't even sell out a teabagger convention with princess as the keynote speaker.

p.s. cornyn should take his giant head and go back to easter island.

nonnie9999 said...

oh, and i forgot. what princess sarah is doing with her pac and her books is called money-laundering. reminds me of when poppy and bar bush donated to the victims of katrina under the condition that the money would be spent on their son neil's educational software.

HelenWheels said...

"fast food in human form" = priceless!!!

Well said, KZD. I personally adore Sarah these days, she's hugely entertaining. Can't wait for her next antic. How could I NOT like someone who's almost single-handedly destroying the GOP?

She's the tacky re-gift that keeps on givin'.

Distributorcap said...

problem, the GOP including the teabaggers see Sarah as the savior - she can do NO wrong. NO wrong

she is perfect, even when she cheats on her taxes and puts crib notes on her palm