Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh, Please.

I read that Tiger Woods plans to step out in public and make a statement, presumably an apology.
Of course, the media will not be allowed to ask questions, in fact I heard they will be watching his statement from behind some kind of barrier, like a window or on closed circuit TV.
So in other words, he still wants to have things his way and control the message.
This tells me one thing.
It's not about him truly wanting to make amends, it's about him wanting to get back to the golf course, start earning bazillions again, and start re-gaining endorsement deals so he can earn even more shekels.
I suspect this scandal has not humbled this jerk one tiny bit.
All that sex addict rehab is bullshit.
If he was truly in recovery, part of the process would be him opening himself up to questions, if not by a hoard of media, then by at least a few selected, distinguished journalists.
This guy was a creepy, zitty, gawky looking teenager to whom cute girls probably paid no attention. Once he got rich and famous, he could pick and choose any tramp he wanted and screw as many as he could handle.
He's sorry he got caught, I'm sure.
But sorry he hurt his wife and family, and rooked his corporate sponsors out of millions? No way.
He knows he's got the PGA by the balls because he made a boring game slightly more interesting for fans to watch, so all he has to do is pretend to be sorry and they'll be only too happy to welcome him back with greedy, open arms.
He's a scumbag prick, golf is still boring to watch, and I hope he gets caught screwing around again soon. Because he will do it again, and we all know it.
If his wife Elin stays with him, she won't get any sympathy if and when he does it again. And, like I said, we all know he will do it again.


Matty Boy said...

I met Tiger Woods when he was 14. He was not an ugly kid. I don't know what his dating life was like, because his dad was a very intense stage parent and he likely didn't have much unsupervised time.

I understand that you hate him, but let's stay in the reality based community.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I never met him when he was a teen, but I've seen quite a few pics, and to me he looked pretty icky. You know, kinda zitty and googly eyed.
Not hideous per se, just not hot.

nonnie9999 said...

what the fuck is it with the public apologies? what did he do to the public at large? he owes his wife and kids an apology, not the press or the public. i don't understand the need for a public shaming every time someone gets his dinky stinky with someone other than his spouse or yells at his kid or just makes an ass of himself. why is everyone entitled to explanations of what people do in their private lives? are we going to have the all-apology channel soon? it's one thing if a politician misuses his office or breaks the law or is a total hypocrite, living one way and voting another. however, when an athlete or an actor screws around, why is it big news? it's been going on for years. and what's it our business? if tiger or any other athlete goes out and screws every woman he passes, what difference does it make in the average person's life? i honestly don't give a shit if tiger and elin reconcile or not. they're stinking rich, and they can buy their kids all the therapy they might need. why do people pay more attention to this bullshit than they do about the people next door who are losing their house or can't afford health insurance?

sorry for the rant, but why does anyone give a shit about some guy who hits a ball with a stick?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think when a celebrity or athlete accepts money to endorse products and services, they are held to certain behavioral/moral/ethical standards. If they fail to live up to them, then they not only owe their benefactors an apology, they owe them the courtesy of making a public statement so the sponsors don't look like fucking idiots for believing in them.
You think Tag Heuer sold more watches after Tiger was pictured in millions of dollars worth of ads wearing their product?
Believe me, it's about dollars, not morals.
Also, I think a fair share of people who watch the PGA found his whoring around offensive. He might be offering up apologies to try to win back some viewers by apologizing.

I can't believe it's hard to see why this guy's stepping up to grovel. It's about the money, honey.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I couldn't care less what this guy did or does, or whether his marriage stays together.
My observation was simply how phony I thought his motives were in apologizing publicly.
I didn't like him before I found out his dick was a walking petri dish. Now I dislike him even more, but I doubt he cares what I think.

nonnie9999 said...

of course, it's all about the money. that's why it's so damned stupid! there will be nothing sincere behind it. it will be written by divorce lawyers and public relations people. i can't understand why it's news. why would anyone from the media bother to show up? the better story would be that the press no longer lines up to listen to corporate celebrities recite their bullshit apologies.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Jim Rome's radio show today he said one of TW's best friends hasn't heard a word from him since the club went through the window and the cops showed up. But surprisingly enough he's been invited to this Sarah Palinized event where nobody can ask any questions and everyone has to wear a smiley face. The feeling is if he hasn't bothered with anyone up til now maybe he really doesn't understand how friends work. The guy in question whom I am too lazy to google declined the invitation by the way as I will too when anyone wants to discuss it with a straight face afterward !

Fran said...

This is not about rehab and healing but about damage control and branding issues.


Hah! My security word is preping! I bet he is!

Karen Zipdrive said...

News reports say he plans to return to the sex rehab clinic tomorrow.
Not a bad idea, I guess.
But the excerpts I heard of his remarks were very predictable.
He got caught, mea culpa, mea culpa, blah blah blah.
What a tool.