Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Texas has joined the rest of the states who play Powerball, a national lottery game.
For a buck, you can buy a ticket and either hand select or let the computer select a series of numbers. The top prize right now is around $100 million, or about $50 million after taxes.
The odds are about a zillion to one that any one person can hit the jackpot.
Still, it's fun to daydream about what I'd do with $50 million.
I've heard that friends and family can become relentlessly crazed with greed and demands toward big winners.
I'd solve that potential nightmare by giving my immediate family a set amount of cash, with the proviso that expecting or demanding more would nullify the gift.
For my beloved nephews, I'd match whatever yearly salaries they earned, dollar for dollar. I'd make sure my youngest nephew would first get off his slacker ass and earn at least a bachelor's degree, which I'd finance 100 percent. If he refused, I'd just match the salary he makes as a waiter, tips included.
For friends, I'd set aside a half million or so and dole it out carefully on a one time only basis. Probably that would mean buying them cars.
I'd build a nice compound in Texas somewhere near the water and offer my siblings and their partners their own separate wings. We'd have a giant organic garden and raise miniature donkeys and fainting goats.
I'd buy tiny apartments in NYC, San Francisco and Paris and hire stooges to manage them and rent them out when I wasn't using them.
I'd travel, travel, travel for the first year, which would help me avoid all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork and hitting me up for money.
In my travels, I'd create an amazing travel guide with sensational photographs and lots of anecdotes. Proceeds from book sales would go to charity.
I'd hire a full-time trainer for daily workout sessions for me and my family at my fully loaded home gym.
For my best bloggy pals, I'd treat them to a great trip where we could all hang out and have fun for a week or so.
I'd give money to charities that fund education, empower women, support the arts and help provide poor people who own or wish to adopt animals with proper nutrition, veterinary care, spaying and neutering.
I'd create a few new businesses there's a definite need for--like a pie throwing company, a graffiti removing service, a dessert delivery service, a comfortable shoe store and a kitty spa and dude ranch.
What would you do with $50 million?


nonnie9999 said...

i would go to the political districts of morons like batshit bachmann or louie gohmert and buy small houses and apartment buildings. then i would rent them out to minorities, gays, moslems, jews, and buddhists at very reasonable rates (preferably people who can use a little bit of a leg up). then i'd make sure that they all got a ride to the voters registration office.

of course, i'd take care of my family and friends, and i'd love to set up a scholarship fund for kids who can't afford to go to college.

then i'd fly to texas to meet up with zippy so we could go to all those fancy restaurants she's told us about.

nonnie9999 said...

zippy, hope you don't mind that i borrowed pulp friction's good name for tonight's poster.

Lulu Maude said...

I'd set up a charitable foundation with most of it. Would also gift nieces and nephews... give lots of money to libraries. Build that house on the Oregon coast.

Tracy said...

I'd keep a little for myself and then take care of my friends and family. Some wise person once said, in a film or a book--I know not which, "There is only so much wealth a man needs...after that he's just showing off."

Iain said...

I'd buy a home, somewhere beautiful, and another education. I'd then acknowledge my fear of responsibility by giving the rest to my parents to distribute as they wish.

bigsis said...

I'd buy a huge building in downtown Austin and run the place like Mrs. Madrigal 2010 (a la "Tales of the City"). And I'd keep a jet at the airport and a chopper on the roof to fly everyone off when things got boring.

okjimm said...

What would I do with $50M? Probably the same stuff I do now....... just a lot more.

I mean, next time I would want eggrolls delivered.... they would come from China, not North Murdock St.

HelenWheels said...

I would travel around the world, buy a house on the coast in northern CA, which would be on a huge chunk of land where I would have my own animal rescue facility & sanctuary. I'd also give plenty to my family and friends. I would have my own chef and personal trainer, and gym, and probably a yacht, where I would invite groups of people to vacation with me for a week or so at a time, including my BLOG PALS!!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Helen, I'd happily be your personal chef. :*

Distributorcap said...

in 1990 i had 5 numbers for the NY state lottery

that is as close as i will get

i won $3500

dguzman said...

Give most of it to my family, then... Bird-o-rama, baby!