Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're Fucked.

I thought it might be time to make some kind of political post, but then I realize I may as well post about dirt, or cat puke, or even air.
Fact is, both houses of Congress are filled with clowns who consider what they need to say and do to be re-elected more than what's good for the people who elected them.
We're getting the government we deserve.
Politicians have become so partisan and crazy, if a member of one party decides to side with something the other side wants, he or she is often met with hate mail and threats of violence, not only from constituents, but even from colleagues.
Democrats and Republicans have become nothing more than sports teams with insane fans--all that matters is beating the other team senseless and winning.
I hate the Republicans because they have ruined America economically, they are war mongers and they use God and patriotism as props to lull the vast number of ignoramus voters into thinking they are serving their stupid asses.
I hate the Democrats because they are weak and have allowed the bullies on the right to push them into hapless inefficiency.
I was right about Obama back when he was running for office.
He's perceived as being too polarizing, and his bi-racial heritage has unmasked more racism and rage than I ever thought existed.
Did you know state gun sales and ammunition stockpiling has grown to epidemic proportions? Not because Obama has mentioned stricter gun control laws, but "just in case."
We have maniacs running their planes into government buildings because we live in a climate of extremism that's worse than anything the Taliban could create. After that crazy fuck ran a plane into the Austin IRS building, people started a Facebook page in his honor. They called him a patriot. Nobody bothered to discover his beef with the IRS was because they wouldn't let him declare his house a tax exempt church.
They choose to laud a crazy fuck because they are crazy fucks.
It's an upside-down America we're living in.
Patriotism used to mean love for country. Now it means nuts who hate any form of government.
Politics used to consist (mostly) of public servants who wanted to make a difference and serve their fellow citizens. Now those types represent only a fraction of elected officials.
Nothing has been accomplished in Washington D.C. in the last year.
It's been one huge stalemate that voters don't seem to mind.
Back when people were running for President, we Democrats failed to understand that we needed to elect a mean, scrappy son of a bitch like Lyndon Johnson was.
Hillary Clinton was probably the best choice, because she's still angry at the feckless, shameless Republicans for what they did to Bill Clinton and her when he was president, and I doubt she'd take any shit off that band of bullshitters and crooks.
We stupid Democrats liked the hopey changie guy who inspired to write hopey changie songs about him. We also liked that slimeball John Edwards because he talked a good game and hid the fact that he was fucking that dingbat Reille Hunter.
We liked the wrong guys for the wrong reasons.
We pussified ourselves by thinking we could elect a smart, patient, reasonable man and actually get the other side to respond like reasonable adults.
We were wrong.
And now it looks like Obama will be a one trick pony, and we'll end up with another evil Republican piece of shit come next time.
I'm disgusted with politics.
I'd rather spend time looking at photos of puppies and kittens.


Fran said...

Oh Karen... this is so depressing. And completely true.

And as if to give a bad line to the "we're fucked" joke, my verification word is sperm.

Karen Zipdrive said...

LOL! For reals? ugh.
Seriously, the only political amusement I've had in ages is watching the two Republicans running for Texas governor eviscerate each other.
Rick the Prick Perry is no match for Kay Bailey Hutchison in terms of dirty politics, but in true Texas style, Perry is ahead in the polls.
It's like Satan running against Hitler.

bigsis said...

All politicians are the same, all of them, so now my expectations are so that if Rush became prez I'm not sure I'd totally freak out.

Also, I'm not counting Hillary out to run for Prez next time. At least she understands that in this political climate, courtesy is perceived as weakness and she keeps her claws out.

jadedj said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. I love the sports team analogy...that's exactly where we are. Hooting and hollering and full of least our representatives are. I believe nothing and no one any longer, but I'm not willing to lie down, or go away. They are going to have to haul my butt off and shoot me to shut me up.

Fran said...

I got an e mail & a phone call invite to come to the Federal building to stand outside & protest the 1000 soldiers that have now been killed in Iraq.

I'm tired of protesting on the street corner.
Do I honestly think it will make the war end sooner?

I've stood on freaking corners protesting too much. the people who agree honk & flash a peace sign, those who disagree flash a half of a peace sign (I consider them to be halfway there). Last time I went to a protest, some dipshit cop gave a lady a $100 ticket for jaywalking.

Homeless people are being killed on the streets & they are jacking around w jaywalking offenses? When I approached the cop to ask if he could just give her a warning... I was told to step back.

Honestly, we don't have that 20/20 hindsight to be able to know if Hillary would have run into that same brick wall we refer to as "Blue Dog Dems" those obstructionists within the party who are preventing the President from getting things through.

I still prefer hopey changey thing over the Drill baby drill, rabid right wing pseudo christian types we had to choose from.
Hell if McCain won, Palin would have plotted his death to get her claws into the top spot.

You are right though- there is so much bullshittery going on, not a whole lot is getting done. It seems the only fricking thing they do agree on is more war funding.

Fran said...

Ooops! Correction! Should be

to stand outside & protest the 1000 soldiers that have now been killed in AFGHANISTAN.

You KNOW it's bad when your country has so many wars going on, you can't even keep track of them.

jadedj said...

Amen to your last statement, Fran (and the others too).

Lulu Maude said...

Good post, though I think that Hilary would have run into the same obstructionism.

These clowns want badly to get back into power, and the race/sex cards are their only avenue for their obstructionism.

They rely on an ignorant citizenry to return them to power.

nonnie9999 said...

instead of the sports team analogy, i liken it more to a reality show. we all know there's very little reality in reality shows. everything is orchestrated for the maximum amount of drama. the media carries a lot of the blame. the loudest mouths get the biggest microphones. is there any other reason why everything batshit bachmann says is news? she's not in the leadership, and she doesn't produce any legislation. what she does is make a lot of noise, like a irritating chihuahua. the rethugs realize this, so they keep getting more and more outrageous. they dominate the headlines, grab the microphone, and thereby control the message. there are a few, like anthony weiner, who understand the game and play it well. the rest of the dems are trying to catch up.

maybe instead of primaries, we should have auditions.

p.s. i voted for hillary, too, and i'm still proud that i did.

Iain said...

Republican or Democratic puppies? Lipsticked, lobotomised pitbulls or nervous poodles?

Is it really as partisan as you suggest, KZ? Of course it's blatantly obvious to see from the Republicans, but, as you say, Democrats with (in theory) real power seem more interested in being consensual, meek punchbags for right-wing agendas. A good dose of partisanship would now be legitimate, cathartic and right. 51-vote majorities to carry issues like universal healthcare, banking levies, defence spending control. Obama could prove that the one trick "change" gimmick has substance and try to be progressive - if he fails he'll be kicked out, but at least it won't be as pathetically pointless as being dumped for simply being just like the evil pieces of shit who'll replace him.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yes, it really is as partisan as I described.
And I doubt it's in Obama's makeup to become more progressive.
He's pandering to the right and ignoring the will of those who elected his pansy ass.

Matty Boy said...

I liked Kucinich for what he said, but voted for Edwards in the primary because I thought he had a chance. Glad I was wrong about the second part.

I went with Obama over Hillary because she ran on a health care proposal of forcing EVERYONE to get health care, which I think is a bad idea. Unfortunately, that's the bad idea that Obama is pushing right now.

It is crazy partisan, but there is still the job of governing, and we the people used to be able to hold our representatives' feet to the fire with our votes. Sadly, that day is done.