Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wow! The 2010 Grammys

Is it my imagination, or is there finally some good music out there that's actually worth listening to?
I usually skip the Grammys because I'm so out of it I never know who anyone is and don't like a lot of the new music that's out there, but I watched the whole show on Sunday night and found I had shivers down my spine several times.
Starting with Lady Gaga, I find her very talented and believable as an artiste. I love how much trouble she goes through in costuming. Armani designed her space age Grammy ensemble. I loved it!
Beyonce is just plain fine. Her performance that night was stupendous!
Even Taylor Swift is really good. I tried to hate her but she won me over with her youthful virtuosity and poise. She seems like a good kid. Her duet with Stevie Nicks was pretty damn good.
Even Pink pulled off an amazing performance, singing live while soaking wet on a spinning trapeze-like contraption. WOW!
And don't get me started on the Black Eyed Peas. They always put on a show and their music keeps getting better each year.
But there are some singers whose success befuddles me.
Britney Spears is a slob, and her Grammys outfit looked like an 8th grade home-ec class designed and sewed it. Horrible.
Imogene Heap-- well the surname says it all.
And perhaps the phoniest, most talentless, pre-fabbed blob since the Monkees is Miley Cyrus.
I can't stand looking at her Moonpie face, her swollen red gums or her weird girl/woman body. Her raspy voice and hayseed accent sound to me like a 50-year-old Mississippi tavern maid. Let's face it, she was invented to appeal to tween girls who believed if she could be on TV, they could.
Now that she's ditching her Disney series "Hannah Montana," I hope she saved her money because there's no way she'll go on to have a successful music or acting career. She's exactly like her daddy Billy Ray--a horrid flash in the pan.
Back to the Grammys--those male entertainers who couldn't be bothered to dress up, were they kidding?
Sorry, but guys like Travis Barker and some of those rappers and rockers are way too talentless to show up in dirty T-shirts, jeans and leather jackets. Idiots.
They need to take a tip from Usher, John Legend, or even Jon Bon Jovi and spruce up a bit for the Grammys.
Did you watch? What were the highlights for you?


nonnie9999 said...

i think i'm the only person who didn't watch the grammys. i did see a video of pink's performance, and it was pretty amazing. i always liked her voice, but i couldn't believe she could actually sing just as well spinning around like that. i wonder if she was lip-syncing that part. i saw some articles about the show, and i don't know who most of the people are. i hardly ever listen to music anymore.

Fran said...

I am so out of it - I did not watch. If it is good enough for you KZ, well then I will take your word for it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Nonnie, they said Pink was definitely singing live.
Fran, I'm totally out of it too. The only reason I even tuned in was to see what Lady Gaga had on, then I got hooked.
The women really outshined the men.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift was FLAT

cuz2 said...

Let see...highlights for me. Gaga and Elton John. I have been thinking for a while that they are similar artists for different times. I have heard people trying to say Gaga is the new Madonna for gays but I really think Elton is closer to the truth with the costuming and the piano. It seems a more natural fit. Another highlight was really the vocals for that MJ song. The 3-d was really off-putting for me but the vocals were excellent.

As for Pink, she actually did a trapeze act for the last MTV music awards so I found it odd that she would do her singing in the air AGAIN. Also, I didn't understand why Beyonce threw in that little bit of an Alanis Morrisette song in the middle of her song....Couldn't figure that one out.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Beyonce threw in the Alanis bit because it fit in with the song she was doing.
I liked it, especially with the black woven leather dress she had on.

Fran said...

missed the whole thing!

Hope to catch the Academy Awards, dahlink