Tuesday, May 28, 2002

All right, all right, already.

I added Hoopty Loops to my bloglist today.
First of all, I expect reciprocity because like Tracy said, he's popular and I need the hits.
Second of all, it's better to keep the insane ones near you so if they flip out they don't have a lot of room to kick or punch.
Third of all, he's another man so that makes three now on my bloglist, making me an official open-minded dyke and exempt from PC police investigations.
Jeeze, I can smell the testosterone. It smells kinda like beef grilling over a wood fire, mixed with a little river bilge and some warm beer spilled on a soiled T-shirt.
The one thing I like better about men is, when you have them over for a home cooked dinner, you don't have to wonder if they'll want sex afterwards. Only trouble is they aren't women, so it's a moot point.
Anyway, welcome Hoopty, now link me up to your world o' chicks.

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