Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The Chandra Levy Case

CNN is feasting on the remains of Chandra Levy today, covering her memorial service in Modesto and interviewing DC detectives and other assorted meat puppets in a tapestry of news mixed with sorrow, sensationalism and speculation.
There's a Salvadorian creep called Ingmar Guandique in a DC jail right now, serving a 10 year sentence for assaulting two women in same the park where Levy's remains were discovered.
Had it not been for the scummy, disgraced former Congressman Gary Condit's connection to Levy, we'd have never heard of her disappearance or the discovery of her remains.
Did Condit have a connection to her death by ridding his life of an inconvenient woman,
or did the Salvadorian guy do it?
My guess is the Salvadorian guy killed a woman who happened to have connections in high places, and he'll get life in prison after being convicted.
Watch, then Condit will slither out of disgrace and run again for his seat in Congress, saying his connection to the unfortunate victim was the reason justice was served.
Regardless of the outcome, I feel sorry for the Levy family and hope someone ends up paying dearly for her death. Then I hope the story dies out and lets the Levy family return to some semblance of closure and normalcy.

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