Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Glory Be, the Funk's Still On Me!

I am thrilled that funk music is making a comeback.
I just love Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Parliament and the rest of those big Afro wearing funkmasters.
When I am doing a particularly snakebit assignment I know I underbid, I put on "Car Wash" and just bear down and get it done.
When I was trying to find just the right song to serenade Zed with, one that perfectly described her considerable physical attributes, "Brick House" was the only song that fit.
Funk is the ultimate dance music, great sex music, wonderful household chore music and my favorite, the absolute opposite of country music.

Some classic funkadelic songs include:

Flashlight-by Parliament
Shining Star-by Earth, Wind and Fire
Jungle Boogie-by Kool and the Gang
Lady Marmalade-by Labelle
Kung Fu Fighting-by Carl Douglas
Mr. Big Stuff-by Jean Knight
Tell Me Something Good-by Chaka Khan
Shaft-by Isaac Hayes
Fire-by the Ohio Players
Word Up-by Cameo
Super Freak-by Rick James
Put Your Body in it-by Stephanie Mills

Don't tell me funk isn't good. I'll kick your no-funk ass.

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