Monday, May 27, 2002

She's Gone.

I took Zed to the airport an hour ago.
She was everything I'd hoped she'd be and we had a sensational time together.
But it ended complicated.
It may be over, it may be just beginning, it may be that we were meant to meet and have a wonderful honeymoon, then part as friends. I just don't know.
Hard to say what two soft hearts and two strong minds will do, given some time to reflect. All I know is it hurt like hell to see her go.
I got to see my city through wonderfully different eyes.
She was amazed by palm trees, of all things. We visited the botanical gardens and they have a glassed in arboretum, specializing in palm species. She was in a daze amidst all those exotic palms and most of her trip pics are her with some kind of palm tree in the picture. Go figure. I never even noticed them before.
She also picked up on cheese. Seems this is a heavy cheese town and they put some kind of cheese on every possible dish. She liked the white Mexican cheeses and learned to cook some simple Tex-Mex things with them. I think she'll be haunted by the flavors of my city. She's queer for spicy things.
She's very fucking Canadian. When the weather climbed to 80ยบ, she began to come undone like an orchid left inside a closed car. All the locals were remarking on the beautiful weather and she was fearing a heatstroke. August in Texas would kill her.
Last night we watched the 9/11 special on HBO. I was so happy to be with her watching it so she'd see again what those miserable bastards did to us. It hit her like a ton of bricks because it was like she finally understood it wasn't an attack on America per se, it was an attack on the free world.
We had so many interesting conversations, so many beers and so many incredible, peeing in our pants laughs.
But Canada is safe to her and I am not leaving Texas. And that's where we left it.

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