Tuesday, May 28, 2002

No Boyz Alowed

Jesus Christ!
Tracy's dykewrite blogweb ring (or whatever you call it) had a mini firestorm recently over admitting Hoopty the straight man as a member.
Okay, it wasn't a firestorm per se, all I saw was one post from one separatist dyke who thought we "silly women" were being sucked in by a straight dude.
I am a mainstream businesswoman/dyke with ties to the gay professional community.
I have attended ritzy mixers where gay women-haters refused to even speak to the lesbians in attendance.
It is positively retro to see some of these old queens acting like our vaginas were going to snatch them up and suffocate them.
I have a few dyke acquaintances who can't tolerate males (straight or gay) unless they absolutely have to deal with them in business situations. Their fear and loathing is uncomfortable to be around.
I was raised by queens.
My high school pals were drama and art boys, and they taught me rudimentary girl things like applying make-up, which wine went with what, how to cook, how to draw, what colors looked best on me, and all that faggoty stuff. It has served me well in business, when I have to play the mainstream game.
Gender haters need psychiatric help. Hating half the population because of gender is just plain nuts.
Anyway, I am pleased to announce my second male bloglink, Spacemonk, hosted by Mike Zellers. He's very bright and funny. Check his blog out.

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