Thursday, May 16, 2002

Two Days and Counting

I am nearer to my goals and just about ready to welcome Zed to Texas.
Tonight I will have time for Survivor and will crash early so I can be perky for my morning meeting tomorrow.
Then it's time for a little last minute grocery shopping, some serious vacuuming, and I am done.
Well, there are hors d'oeuvres to consider for her noonish arrival, but hey, they are no big thing.
I have taught my cats to bow like little gentlemen and say, "Accueillez à San Antonio, soyez agréable maintenant à la prise notre mère pour enfoncer."
That roughly translates to, "Welcome to San Antonio, now please take our mother to bed."
I thought the French was a nice touch, since Zed thinks Texans are a bunch of mangy, low class roughnecks.
Boy, is she in for a surprise.
First off, my trailer's vinyl siding got a real good scrubbing. So it looks like new. Then I put a throw over the car seat on the front porch so the holes wouldn't show.
I got some Mason jars so the beer can be decanted properly, and the deer sausage is seasoned real mild, so she can get used to it faster.
I got some sheets and put them on the mattress and you can't even tell I got them at the Goodwill. I used bleach on the chocolate stains (or whatever that was).
I shook out and dusted the silk floral displays real good, outside, so the mites would fall out.
I also got me some dandruff/lice shampoo and also some salve for whatever this rash is on my arms and legs.
I bought me a pretty new duster from the Dollar Store so I'd have something nice to lounge around the house in. It's white with pink roses. I got some rose scented candles at the dollar store too, so we'd match.
For hors d'oeuvres I got some of those deluxe Ritz crackers and some fancy white cheddar aerosol cheese food. I am also serving celery stuffed with peanut butter, catfish nuggets, a gorgeous Jell-O mold a la fruit cocktail and some sliced up Hot Pockets. And of course Hershey kisses, so she gets the hint.
I couldn't decide on champagne or beer, so I got some pink Champale.
I also hand lettered a cute little sign: "If this trailer's a rockin' don't come a knockin."
I know this may sound like heaven, but sorry gals, I am taken. ;)

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