Wednesday, May 29, 2002


After a recent firestorm about gender and lesbian separatism, I have decided to join my lesbian systyrs and start an all wymyn ISP called WOL.

Wymyn Online.

No e-mail can be sent or received from males. No sites can be viewed unless they are done by and for wymyn.
E-mail will now be called Shemail. Yahoo will now be called Yonihoo. E-Bay will now be called She-Bay. Amazon is a good name but it's run by a man so out it goes.
Blogs will be called Bra-logs.

Some features of WOL will be:
The Wymyn's Health Cyrcle with Dr. Kerry Weaver
The Cramps Corner for pre-crones
The Menstrual Hut
Clitty City Chat Rooms
Cooking with Lentils
Sensible Shoe Review
Gynosaur's Science Chat
The Vagina Dialogues
The Wymynopause Forum for crones
Xena and Gabrielle's Corner
All about Ellen

In order to join, please step up to your scanners and scan your nude wymyn breasts and send jpgs of them to me, along with a check for $14, since we wymyn get paid less for more wyrk.

In systyrhood and solidaryty,

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