Monday, May 27, 2002

Zeddy Haiku

Well, you had to expect this...

Five foot seven inch
Hair silver, prematurely
Whoa, what a body!

Hey, let's get tacos!
Morning, noon and night we ate
Tacos of all ilk

She said she didn't
Drink much beer for a Canuck
She lied like a dog

James my young kitten
Loved Zed, but she said of him:
Cute but not THAT cute

Like me, James seemed to
Gravitate toward Zed's bosom
He's no fool, that James

Please: all women hear
Ice skating makes for such firm,
Shapely derrieres!

Now what do I do?
Zed's gone and left me with ten
Gallons of salsa

Damn you, Canada
You have claimed her for your own
Salsa-less bastards!

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