Friday, May 17, 2002

Survivor: The Plot Thickens

Well, last week we had the alliances between old Paschal and young neleH and between Vecepia and Sean, leaving fifth wheel Kathy's 47-year-old butt hanging out for the kicking.
But this week Kathy got immunity and managed to swing her vote to Sean, getting his yakky ass booted off the show. Hey, at least he won a car last night, some sort of red Saturn SUV with a lot of high tech shit on it.
Sean blew it when he denied an alliance with Vecepia. He said just because they were both African Americans didn't mean they automatically stuck together. Horseshit. How many times did we watch them bzz bzz buzzing off to one side, and him mentioning their color as some kind of factor?
Race was more important to him than it was to anyone else on the show, so for him to deny his partiality for Vee was insulting to anyone with half a brain.
Sean's gonna be cool when he's around 40, but he needs to lose that victim mentality and play to his strengths.
So that leaves Paschal, Vecepia, Helen ooops I mean neleH, and Kathy as the final four.
I think Kathy and Vee will gang up and get rid of Paschal, then neleH, leaving Vee and Kathy as the two finalists.
And I think the jury will hand it to Kathy because Vecepia is too aligned with Sean and people resented his duplicity at the end.
I think I heard the season finale was this Sunday. That means I may actually get to watch it with Zed! She's not a Survivor watcher, but I traded her my watching the season finale of X Files with her, and I think we have a deal.

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