Monday, January 02, 2006

The Happiest of Happy New Year's Days

I went to see "Brokeback Mountain" with a very cute companion on Sunday evening.
The best part was standing in line, watching people walk by and spying my ex rush by with her latest girlfriend to another screening room.
I don't think they saw us, which was good because they would have seen my jaw drop in shock.
It seems the ex got a radical haircut and what looked like a very inexpensive home perm.
It would be tasteless to say her hair looked positively elderly and clown-like, so I won't. But Phyllis Diller might be suing for trademark infringement.
The shocking new 'do managed to extinguish any microscopic embers of attraction that might have remained. With one fell swoop, she fell from a misty watercolor memory to a jolt of relief that I got out...well before the unfortunate makeover.
Sayonara, ex. Go in peace.
The movie was lovely. Go see it.
When the first sex scene occurred, two straight couples immediately got up and rushed to the exit in a huff. They must have needed to crawl back under the rock that hid them from the kazillion media mentions of the gay cowboy movie.
The story was bittersweet and highly credible, the acting was superb and the cinematography was gorgeous. Oscar time for Heath Ledger. The Aussie actor nailed the part of a Texas cowboy, including a picture perfect accent.
The theater was chilly, so we huddled under her fleece jacket and held hands, surrounded by queens and lesbians who were doing their own cuddling. It was very, very nice.
And my companion's shoulder length, perfectly coiffed golden brown hair with natural highlights looked absolutely, positively wonderful.

I have a feeling I'm gonna like 2006. Onward and upward!


Holly in Cincinnati said...

Mazel tov!

Holly in Cincinnati said...

I am told that this link is the full text of the Annie Proulx short-story Brokeback Mountain:

Ennis Loved Jack - Brokeback Mountain
[from Close Range: Wyoming Stories by Annie Proulx]

dusty said...

Its a great movie I can not wait to see, the cinematography is supposed to be awesome

the ex story is funny..

thanks for that link holly!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks for the link, Holly.
Dusty, where did you find a copy of Bush's scull x-ray?

dusty said...

I was wandering around online and saw it..i knew you would love it..glad to hear your out and about..and had a very nice partner to see the movie with..good for you woman!

I will change my pic shortly..its kinda strange but then I have felt strange lately..

Karen Zipdrive said...

I ended up seeing it again last night with my best friend Anna.
She saw some deep, universal themes in it I missed.

CLD said...

Happy New Year!

I can't wait to see the movie... I think it's kinda hot -- and it also has some deep, universal themes... ;)

Holly in Cincinnati said...

You're welcome!

Karen Zipdrive said...

It was definitely kinda hot.
Those compact little guys in their cowboy outfits were adorable.