Friday, January 27, 2006

A Few Million More Little Pieces

Oprah changed her mind about standing by James Frey, the liar whose fictitious memoir, "A Million Little Pieces," got selected as an Oprah's Book Club recommendation.
Her pick caused a couple million extra copies to be sold.
She had him on her show yesterday and pretty much picked him down to the bone.
I wondered, after reading the book, how this guy could recover from his addictions without a Twelve Step program.
The answer is, it's hard to say if he really is in recovery.
I mean, he lied about everything else, so who's to know if he's really being honest about being off dope and booze?
I know AA is a program of rigorous honesty. It's ideal for people who consistently lie to cover their addictions, because it teaches them to be honest with themselves first, and others later.
I don't trust him anymore. Once someone turns out to be a serial liar, trust is hard to muster up again.
I gave my copy of his book to a recovering alcoholic friend, advising him that the book is filled with lies, so it should read it as a piece of fiction.
Had I been shopping for fiction the day I bought his book, that's what I would have selected.
James Frey ripped me off.
I hope he uses the money I paid for his book to drop into the basket at 15 AA meetings.


BigSis said...

How do we even know he's on or has ever been on drugs/booze? I've heard he's just a homely rich frat boy living on scams.

I'm glad Oprah publicly ripped him a new one, but I think it was a mistake to devote another show to him.

I'm thinking he totally understands that there's no such thing as bad press. I watched his face and he had no shame, he didn't blush or wince or anything. He probably just kept his eye on the prize. The news frenzy over him lying and hurting Oprah's feelings got him some invaluable press and will probably net him millions more on the sale of his book.

I'm smelling another book, this time with apologies and explanations about why he's a liar. It was probably all his mother's fault, right?

Karen Zipdrive said...

He can shove his apologies and crocodile tears for all I care.
I just hope his sniveling existence reminds others: you can't trust junkies and alkies who aren't working some sort of 12 step program. They lie. That's what they do to survive.