Friday, January 13, 2006

I Love It!

John Aravosis over at AmericaBlog reports today he just bought a list of three days' worth of General Wesley Clark's cell phone calls for under $90.
The Chicago Sun Times was all over the news, quoting Gen. Clark:

"When I learned today that my phone records were purchased for less than a hundred dollars I joined millions of Americans who worry about the invasion of their privacy that seems to be the growing price of technology," Clark said. "People should be able to trust that their privacy is being respected and protected by everyone from the government to our internet and mobile phone service providers. Clearly, this is not the case."

Clark urged consumers to contact their senators to urge passage of a law to order the Federal Trade Commission to "restore integrity to the system and give people back a reasonable degree of privacy."...

Hats off to John- a professional Blogger who once again has shown the mainstream media how to get off their asses, drop the press releases and actually report the news.

Go pat John on the back:


dusty said...

When I saw that story last week I thought..

If I had an extra wad lying around..i would love to buy Rove's..or Cheneys..

Or one of the NY Times writers..

Only if someone powerful gets punk'd is it now a big deal and a rights issue.

Funny how that works.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I wish John would have gone after some neo-con's records, but he probably didn't because those ruthless bastards would have made his life a living hell.
Isn't it nice living in a dictatorship?