Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Remember the Good Old Days?

Just after 9/11, even we liberal doves could kind of see why the U.S. needed to invade Afghanistan and kill off all the al Qaida in sight.
I mean, we knew most of the 9/11 terrorists were of Saudi nationality, but they trained in Afghanistan, and we knew Bush wasn't about to invade his employers' palaces in Saudi.
So, Afghanistan had to take the whipping for allowing Saudi militants to train to be terrorists on their soil.
Once American troops landed on Afghani soil, BushCo realized they could be of much better use attacking Iraq, where there was oil to be plundered and plenty of post-invasion money to be made for his daddy Dick's bosses at Halliburton.
Bush ordered the troops in Afghanistan to be cut to the level of the Lukenbach, Texas police department.
He left the task of hunting for 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden to a few Afghan nomads, who probably hurt themselves laughing at the very idea of capturing their hero and handing him over to BushCo.
Nothing to see there, move on.
Now that American troops are all but depleted in Bush's vanity war with Iraq, Afghanistan has become overrun again with record opium crops and a sturdy new al Qaida.
Bush has done more to develop and foster a league of Uber-Terrorists than bin Laden could have ever hoped.
Afghanistan has actually become more of a shithole than it was before we invaded ...and that, my friends, is saying something.
But for those of you who value a fabulous heroin rush, Bush has nation-built a country that delivers the finest smack in the world, with plenty of security lapses to ensure its fresh, regularly scheduled delivery to America.
I couldn't be more proud of Our President.


larkohio said...

Sadly, W. has made things much worse, and made the world hate us.
What a group of corrupt bumblers who are in this Administration!

Karen Zipdrive said...

While Mr. One Track Mind has been fixated on Iraq, he hasn't noticed that China and India are starting to emerge on the scene as superpowers.
China has goodwill efforts all over the globe and India is taking all of America's jobs because of favorable tax breaks for U.S. corporate outsourcing.
He's a menace.

larkohio said...

Agreed, Karen. I can hardly stand it that we have to put up with this man until 2008. I am embarrassed every time he opens his mouth.

dusty said...

If they Impeach his worthless ass we won't have to put up w/him lark..scream it loud and proud..IMPEACH THE SHRUB.NOW!

also..newsworthy today..the ACLU and another group filed lawsuits in Federal Court today to stop the eavesdropping Shrub is doing on American Citizens..The dems might lack balls but the ACLU has teeth.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Nobody has teeth if the dentists on the Supreme Court keep pulling them.