Monday, January 09, 2006

James Frey:
You Can't Even Trust an Honest Drug Addict/Alcoholic Anymore

Like millions of other suckers, I bought and devoured James Frey's nonfiction account of his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction called, "A Million Little Pieces."
Today, The Smoking published a detailed account of how and where he lied, and lied, and lied in his book to sound badder and more fucked up than he apparently was.
Thank God I didn't rush out to buy his next book, "My Friend Leonard."

Even with his first book, I wondered how he could truly recover without working the 12 steps.
Now I see he's got no program of stringent honesty and accountability--he's just another liar with a substance abuse history and a two-bit rap sheet.

Oprah Winfrey chose his book as a recent Oprah's Book Club recommendation.
He was the only guest on her show the day she interviewed him about the book. There, he continued the lies and self-aggrandizing that made his book so compelling.

Don't buy the book until it hits the dollar fiction table at Half Price Books.
That's about all it's worth.

Read about the lies he told here:


dusty said...

Maybe he's bipolar..and really thinks it all happened..its really a crock o crap? All of it?

dusty said...

oh yeah..whats your view on John Edwards as a candidate for Prez? He is on a massive speaking tour right now, so you know he running for Prez.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Seems like most of the exciting scenes were totally made up.

John Edwards had his shot and I don't think he's strong enough to take on even these weakened GOP criminals. He has John Kerry's loser stink on him.
Also, once he left the Senate he pushed himself out of the loop.
We need a Democrat with bigger balls than him to make a run.

The Educated Eclectic said...

Is anyone for Conyers? Or is that just a pipe dream to get a real person into the ring rather than 'names that only sound like they are from the mayflower passengers', white, fake or coiffed hair, and liars?

The Educated Eclectic said...

Oh yeah - and male - of course...

Holly in Cincinnati said...

So, it's not just a matter of Frey exaggerating his stories and padding his lead?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Frey's entire book revolves around him being the baddest of the bad motherfuckers.
Turns out he was just another ordinary drunk/addict with a minor police record.
Go to any AA meeting and you can meet dozens of men and women with similar pasts.
Tragic, yes, but not the tales best selling nonfiction books are based on.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I like Conyers a lot, but I doubt Americans would elect a liberal Black man.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Back on topic:

Oprah, never one to admit she's been bamboozled, called Larry King's show last night while Frey was a guest and said she stood by the big liar.
Oh well, I guess the Big O has a Book Club to protect, not to mention an ego that casts a shadow on Donald Trump's.