Thursday, January 12, 2006

Let's See If I've Got This Straight...

BushCo's Department of Defense can't be bothered to equip our troops with proper armor, yet anyone who talks about ending the war is hurting troop morale? Huh?

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) expects to be taken seriously, yet twice during his questioning of Samuel Alito he referred to him as, "Judge Scolito"? Huh?

Washington, D.C. council member (and former mayor) Marion Berry tests positive for cocaine during a routine drug test as an income tax evader, and he hasn't been thrown from office and into jail yet? Huh?

Christian fanatic Pat Robertson wants to build a Christian tourism center in Northern Israel, yet he suggested Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent stroke was caused by God punishing him for messing up his turf? Huh?

Random House has offered refunds on James Frey's fictionalized memoir, "A Million Little Pieces" if the customer bought it "directly from the publisher" AND has a receipt? Huh?

Tom DeLay is trying to sue a group of concerned citizens for trying to run a TV ad linking DeLay to Jack "free Scotland golf junkets" Abramoff? Huh?

If people play their iPods too loud for extended periods they might experience a hearing loss? Huh?

While Bush was recently visiting wounded soldiers at Brooke Army Medical Center, he actually said he too was injured a cedar tree scratching him? Huh?

Armed Federal Air Marshals are supposed to ride on airplanes incognito, but they have to announce themselves at airline ticket counters as FAM's, then be admitted to the planes first, as first class and special needs passengers watch? Huh?

Where did common sense go?


Holly in Cincinnati said...

It's in short supply, obviously!

larkohio said...

None of this makes the least bit of sense, but thanks for breaking it down.

So, if someone lost an arm or a leg in Iraq, they should feel sorry for W over his little accident with the tree? My heart just breaks for him, really....He is such a jerk.

Karen Zipdrive said...

What a totally insensitive asshole he was, trying to play for laughs about his fucking tree scratches when compared to young men and women with their faces burnt off and limbs bombed off.
I go to BAMC for my medical care, and the tragic sights I see when I'm there certainly don't inspire me to chuckle and say to the wounded soldiers, "Yeah, you may have lost both arms and legs, kiddo, but I have a really bad-ass cough that keeps me awake at night!"
I'd like to beat that dumb-ass draft dodger with a cedar post, and he doesn't have to tap my phone to hear that.

Lulu Maude said...

Karenkarenkaren... you know that common sense is for common people... and the Bushies want to be anything but common, unless, of course, they are campaigning among the common people... at which time let's get out the pork rinds, joshy humor, etc.

I almost can't take the news anymore. Is there a 12-step group for political junkies?

Karen Zipdrive said...

The only reason I still watch the news is because I'm afraid I'll miss getting news of Rove being indicted or Bush being impeached.

dusty said...

I know I will get the news from rawstory or truthout or Tom Paine. But I do still watch the "evening" news for tidbits of things, their soundbites can be enlightening on that rare occasion.

Bush talked down to the American public when he was in New Orleans this past week. It amazed me what came out of his fucking mouth. Pure stupidity.."Bring the kids to Na'lins"..