Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dear Democratic National Committee:

Thanks so much for all the e-mail and snail mail requesting financial contributions from me.
Alas, until the real Democrats come out from under the rug and start raising Hell with Bush and his band of slimy criminals, you'll see no more money from me.
In 2004, I sent you clowns a record number of contributions, thinking my hard-earned dollars could really help make a difference in getting rid of the worst president and the most corrupt legislative Houses in history.
But I was wrong.
You folks allowed traitors like Joe Lieberman and the rest of the DINO scoundrels to vote to appoint a creep like Sam Alito without even a whimper.
You folks listened to Bush's horseshit SOTU address with your hands in your laps like timid little sheep, thinking your meek little demonstration against Bush's hamhanded social security stunt would make a powerful statement.
Well, you were wrong.
Hillary Clinton was once a bright star of hope, until she put on the kneepads and started servicing the neo-cons and the right-wing with her anti flag burning amendment and hawkish views on Bush's fucked-up war in Iraq. Pandering should be left to the GOP, you damn fools.

I live in Texas.
I can't see any suitable candidates from either party running for Governor of Texas this year, so I am skipping voting in the Democratic primary for the first time in 35 years, so I can help get Independent Kinky Friedman on the ballot.
If there was a strong candidate on the Democratic ticket, I'd stay loyal to my party.
All I see is party weakness and cowardice in the face of these tyrants, bullies and fascists who serve Generalissimo Bush.

I'm sick of the Democratic party right now, and until I see some GOPs getting knocked on their asses by ranking Democrats, y'all can kiss my butt.

So, quit asking me for money.
Bush took it all, and you chickenshits let him.


Lulu Maude said...

Texas and Vermont. We've just about got 'em surrounded...

I wish we had y'all in New England. There's no substitute for it. said...

Bravo, Karen Zipdrive. Bravo...

Karen Zipdrive said...

The Bushy Texans who haven't yet defected sure are prickly these days. The few GOP friends I have just about blow a vein when someone brings up their imbecilic president during lunch or dinner.
It must be hard to defend such a total fuck-up.
I guess shusshing people is their last resort.

dusty said...

Great post and you speak for alot of us I am sure..

Karen Zipdrive said...

Charges were dropped against Cindy Sheehan for wearing a T-shirt to the SOTU address.
Turns out there's no law against invited guests wearing T-shirts.
Arrest and detain her until the idiot's speech has passed? Sounds like a fascist state to me.

CLD said...

I've unsubscribed from all the dem emails -- got sick of them constantly begging me for money, and then doing nothing with it. We need a strong third party. The dems right now are either just GOP-lite or scared, indignant rich guys hoping no one notices they're not doing their job. GET SOME FUCKING BALLS.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

I disagree with your comments about the Democrats in general and Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton in particular.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hillary still has time to redeem herself, but ALF's father Lieberman is a DINO whose only redeeming feature is being Jewish.
He's a Bush panderer and a mealy mouthed, reverse-mugwump.
But you're welcome to your opinion, of course.