Friday, February 10, 2006

Please assist.

In San Antonio, gay city councilwoman Elena Guajardo recently received an e-mail from a disgruntled constituent, asking her to help rid a bar in her district from "undesirables" visiting from predominantly Hispanic sections of town.
The constituent wrote the racially inflammatory e-mail on his employer's e-mail account, on company time. Guajardo notified his employer, and they fired the man.
Shortly after, the 52-year-old man killed himself.
This occurred two weeks ago, but it's sweeps week and the station insists on keeping the controversy alive.
The local ABC affiliate now is running this ridiculous poll:

Should City Councilwoman Elena Guajardo resign from office for the way she handled a citizen's complaint that eventually led to the citizen getting fired and prompting him to commit suicide?
I don't know

People can vote as often as they want by simply refreshing the page and re-voting.
So far, the homophobes and racists are jamming the poll.
Let's not let them do that.
Vote at:


The Educated Eclectic said...

I am guessing that if she were straight this wouldn't even make the news...yes?

The Educated Eclectic said...

...Or male?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think you're right, Julian.
I spoke with her last week and she told me she gets along very well with the mayor and all the council members-who have accepted her and her partner without a hint of rancor.
She's doing a good job and she's very likable.
This hatchet job the ABC affiliate KSAT-TV is doing is bullshit.
I am so glad to be a Neilsen Rater this week- I'll not be listing ABC even once, and I told the news director as much. said...

seems to me if the schmuck hadn't written the email from his employer's computer or on the clock, he'd have had nothing to worry about.

IMO, she did the right thing, simply because someone doing something so blatantly bigoted and racist could reflect poorly on his/her employer.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The poll is still up, so please vote, refresh the page and vote again.
Repeat until exhausted.
Thank you.

dusty said...

It only let me vote five times..I think they caught on finally...but the biblebelt rednecks are still winning :(

stacey said...

it only let me vote twice. can't believe these obvious railroad jobs still exist...