Tuesday, February 21, 2006

DUI Dick

Often, when a drunk driver receives a DUI from the police, it's a wake-up call or a sign of finally hitting bottom with one's drinking.
When a driver receives his second DUI, it's a sign of hitting an ever lower bottom, and judges routinely sentence offenders to court-mandated Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
Millions of alcoholics realize the extent of their problem when they receive their first DUI. It's tangible proof that their drinking has gone too far and has negatively affected their judgment.
As a member of Al-Anon who attends regular meetings at a club primarily for AA members, I know of dozens of men and women whom the courts have sent to AA after they received DUI's.
If Dick Cheney was telling the truth about having a beer at lunch before he shot his hunting buddy, then he is obviously still drinking after receiving not one but two DUI's.
We already know Bush had to swear off drinking in his 40's, when Laura issued him an ultimatum.
We also know he is not into any type of recovery program.
When a drunk simply stops drinking without delving into the reasons he drank to begin with, he is called a dry drunk, and his thinking is still warped and often delusional.
So what we have in the White House is a dry drunk at the helm, with an active drunk as his first mate.
If anyone wonders what life looks like with drunks in charge, look no further than the Bush administration.
With at least three DUI's between them, Bush and Dick are two very sick men who are dragging the rest of us down with them.
We Al-Anons are taught to leave the drunks to their own peril, and allow them the dignity to find their own rock bottom.
It's a little harder to do when the drunks in question are the most powerful duo in the world.
All the rest of us can do is pray.


larkohio said...

You are no doubt correct, and I think a lot of us are praying. While we are praying, we need to take back the Congress in the next election. That would be a beginning. With the Bushies in control of all three branches of government, we are in deep do-do.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Pray and vote, I should have said.

dusty said...

I always forget about the "drunk" factor with the Shrub and Tricky Dick.My little sister has been attending Al-Anon for a few years and I asked her about what you said. She asked why I was asking. I told her about the two yahoos in question. Her eyes got as big as two full moons and she said"they are BOTH alcoholics that never got into a program?And they are running our country?" I said yes ma'am.

She then said"the principles apply to everyone,including them"

Karen Zipdrive said...

The AA principles don't apply to drunks who are not in recovery. Just the stringent honesty part alone would be too much for these two fugazzis to handle.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Get a load of this:

Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer
Feb 22, 2006, 07:35

A written report from Secret Service agents guarding Vice President Dick Cheney when he shot Texas lawyer Harry Whittington on a hunting outing two weeks ago says Cheney was "clearly inebriated" at the time of the shooting.

Agents observed several members of the hunting party, including the Vice President, consuming alcohol before and during the hunting expedition, the report notes, and Cheney exhibited "visible signs" of impairment, including slurred speech and erratic actions, the report said.

According to those who have read the report and talked with others present at the outing, Cheney was drunk when he gunned down his friend and the day-and-a-half delay in allowing Texas law enforcement officials on the ranch where the shooting occurred gave all members of the hunting party time to sober up.

We talked with a number of administration officials who are privy to inside information on the Vice President's shooting "accident" and all admit Secret Service agents and others saw Cheney consume far more than the "one beer' he claimed he drank at lunch earlier that day.

"This was a South Texas hunt," says one White House aide. "Of course there was drinking. There's always drinking. Lots of it."

Cheney has a long history of alcohol abuse, including two convictions of driving under the influence when he was younger. Doctors tell me that someone like Cheney, who is taking blood thinners because of his history of heart attacks, could get legally drunk now after consuming just one drink.

If Cheney was legally drunk at the time of the shooting, he could be guilty of a felony under Texas law and the shooting, ruled an accident by a compliant Kenedy County Sheriff, would be a prosecutable offense.

But we will never know for sure because the owners of the Armstrong Ranch, where the shooting occurred, barred the sheriff's department from the property on the day of the shooting and Kenedy County Sheriff Ramon Salinas III agreed to wait until the next day to send deputies in to talk to those involved.

Sheriff's Captain Charles Kirk says he went to the Armstrong Ranch immediately after the shooting was reported on Saturday, February 11 but both he and a game warden were not allowed on the 50,000-acre property. He called Salinas who told him to forget about it and return to the station.

"I told him don't worry about it. I'll make a call," Salinas said. The sheriff claims he called another deputy who moonlights at the Armstrong ranch, said he was told it was "just an accident" and made the decision to wait until Sunday to investigate.

"We've known these people for years. They are honest and wouldn't call us, telling us a lie," Salinas said.

Like all elected officials in Kenedy County, Salinas owes his job to the backing and financial support of Katherine Armstrong, owner of the ranch and the county's largest employer.

"The Armstrongs rule Kenedy County like a fiefdom," says a former employee.

Secret Service officials also took possession of all tests on Whittington's blood at the hospitals where he was treated for his wounds. When asked if a blood alcohol test had been performed on Whittington, the doctors who treated him at Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial in Corpus Christi or the hospital in Kingsville refused to answer. One admits privately he was ordered by the Secret Service to "never discuss the case with the press."

dusty said...

jesus christ in a thong..you called that one KZ.I do believe you said he had to be tanked in your first post on this subject.I would like to link to the article you posted here in your comments, can I find it online?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Doug Thompson runs a blog called Capitol Hill Blue.

dusty said...

Says its the oldest poli blog on the 'net. Thanks KZ!