Monday, February 06, 2006

Joy Rider Abandons Car!

Hmm. Yesterday afternoon, the cops called me to let me know my stolen Acura was located behind a building about a block from my house.
I trotted down the block to meet the patrolman at my car.
It was in exactly the same condition as when they stole it, except it was really dusty and dirty. A few items were missing, like my umbrellas, RX sunglasses and a portable CD player. All the factory installed extras were intact.
The passenger seat was loaded with leaves and junk, like a stack of crappy, heavy metal CDs, some wraparound sunglasses, about two cups of broken auto glass and a hand towel.
The thief also managed to swipe my valet key, the little bastard.
The detective who fingerprinted the car said the glass and towel indicated my car was likely used as a getaway car for some smash & grab activities.
Unlike Court TV detectives, the detective was unable to retrieve even one usable print.
I suppose I could go to the Acura dealer and get my locks re-keyed, but I can only imagine how they'd gouge me for that.
Instead, I plan to have a kill switch installed on my electronic fuel line, so if the crook returns, he'll run out of gas about 10 feet from my driveway. Then I can run out and beat him with a tennis racquet or a rolling pin.
I wish I could credit the San Antonio Police Department for their diligence in retrieving my car, but I can't. All I can give them is that two out of the three cops I dealt with were friendly and funny. The cop I met at my car yesterday was robotic and emotionless.
A civilian called-in the suspicious car, and the cops just meandered over to check on it.
Basically, the police acted as a low tech bulletin board and waited for civilians to do their footwork for them.
But... my car is back and I plan to take it in for a good scrub and a thorough vacuuming this morning.
I'm hoping the felonious cooties will evaporate in time.


Pam said...

Glad you got it back.

Shelley said...

Yeah, the cooties are definitely the worst part. Personally, I'm kinda sorry you got it back, but at least it's not damaged so you don't have to deal with the real criminal: the insurance company. So, uh, congratulations.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I just spent an hour cleaning off the cooties with Windex and Armor All.
Looks pretty good.
They used up all my gas, too.
That's probably why they abandoned the car, those cheap crackheaded twerps.

dusty said...

At least its not torn-up..then you wouldn't want it back..

larkohio said...

Glad it came back to you. Scumbag that took it, will have some Karma coming.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Glad to hear that your car came back!

Karen Zipdrive said...

No- I washed it and cleaned it all up and it's looking pretty good.
I'm glad to have her back, and to celebrate I took her out and raced the heck out of her engine, passing about 10 cars in a row.

Lulu Maude said...

Ah, I'd love to be closer so that we could go for a celebratory joyride.

That robotic cop is probably the one they use for tearful reunions such as yours. Limits the department's possible further involvement.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Aww, LuLu, I'd drive you out to the Hill Country and show you what it looks like, whizzing by at 115 mph.

Elayne said...

Oh Karen, I'm so glad you have it back! It'll take a little while for it to feel like yours again, I'm sure, but give it time! The kill switch is a great idea.

Mileah said...

I have a new (to me) car and was fairly worried about having it stolen as I live off the IH 35 access road so I installed an alarm with a pager. I have a nice surprise in the form of a .357 magnum ready to stick in the ear of any punk who tries to steal my car.

Sarah Letnes said...

Felonious cooties aren't as bad as death cooties. I'm sure the cops will catch the thieves for something else. Eventually.

JimBob said...

so glad to hear you got your vehicle back!

how much does a kill-switch cost to have installed?