Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quid Pro Quo, MoFo

If George Herbert Walker Bush can use their friendship to persuade Bill Clinton not to trash his imbecilic son George, why can't Bill Clinton use their friendship to have Bush 41 persuade Karl Rove not to trash Hillary?


dusty said...

Its a one way street w/those Repubs..I can't believe Bill Clinton went for that shit.

The Educated Eclectic said...

At that level of politics they are all for themselves and what power they can achieve/maintain...NOT for truth, rights of the masses, etc.

As long as they have no problems accessing healthcare, their kids in the best private schools, their daughters flown to Europe or Canada if they need an abortion, and their gay kids able to buy all of the rights they need...why should it matter who says what about whom...at that level?

They are all pigs....and I will vote for none of them.

Clinton (mr and mrs) have sold out gay rights, women's rights, and average citizens's rights, for over 10 years. They will continue to do so because they get the distinction of having a husband prez and a wife as first female candidate...book deals...$hundred thousand a pop lecture circuits...wow, the fun never ends...

So of course Clinton will remain silent about Bush II - he doesn't want to lose his ticket on the gravy train.

If Rove(BushCo) slams Hillary, he is still on the train...

There is no compromise here.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The Clintons may be sons of bitches but they are more responsive to my agenda than any GOP.
Bill Clinton was a great president. I have no doubt that once she's elected, Hillary will drop the middle of the road act and get back to Clinton-style leadership.
She's got to pander to the wackos on the right for votes. Once she's in, she can tell them to fuck off.

Lulu Maude said...

Not till the second term... the first term is all about surviving to the second term. Then it's all about being a lame duck.

What a farce.

'Bean said...


Consider this, too, from one of sHillary Clitten's constituents.

Namely - ME.

She panders for the GLBT vote and has her hand, VERY openly, out for dollars . . . and still has the nerve to say to NY State's leading GLBT rights org that "She stands behind DOMA."

She claims to support the bill of rights . . . but she co-sponsored the Flag Burning Bill with that Republican Nutjob from Utah; Mr. "Rampant Lesbianism in our Public Schools."

And, to my knowlege, every since Bill left the White House?

All their big, big, big-time fundraisers in NYC have been . . . well, very WHITE, if see what I am implying.

The rights paints sHillary as a Raging Lesbo Secret Baby-eating 'Bortion-loving Communist.

The reality?

She's Republican Lite: she is even being challeneged on her 2006 relection bid within the NY State Democratic Party.

I have donated 20 bucks to her challenger.

Hillary sucks - she'll always sell the wee people (which means all of us) out because she's not a real Liberal: she just plays one on TV.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Karl Rove called me and said your check was in the mail.
Well done!

'Bean said...

Hey - if you and some of the other folk want to support her, go right ahead.

I have to live with her: given her in-party opponent is a *REAL* Dem?

He gets my vote and my bucks.

You want her?

Invite her!

NY State is fond of serious progressives. Chuck Schumer ring a bell?

He's left of sHillary Clitten on every issue. Read over at Pam's more often for details.

'Bean said...

NOT to mention, I ain't the only GLBT here who has grown to loathe Clinton for her endless triangulating.

While I will let others comment for themselves (*ahem?!*), it is important to consider the following.

Senator Schumer is way-left of sHillary. Shumer backs same-sex couple equality.

sHillary is part of the NY Marriage problem: our REPUBLICAN governor does not oppose same-sex marriage; three states locally have some kind of legislation in place.

Schumer publically calls out Bush, Cheney, and the Republican Party on a lot of bullshit.


Clinton co-sponsored Right-Wing-Nutjob flag burning legislation.

In a state where registration runs about 60 - 40 (or thereabouts) Republican to Democrat, Schumer retook his seat with OVER 82% of the vote.

Clinton wins by about 5%.

I back progressive winners - not whiners.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Apparently, you are a young voter who doesn't understand the pandering to the middle it takes for a Democratic candidate at this level to be elected.
I love Charles Schumer, but he's not electable and any fool should know that.
The use of that silly, sexist nickname "Clitten" tells me you may just object to Hillary because she's a strong woman.
I mean, you can take the Islam out of the boy but...
At any rate, we Democrats have enough GOP criminals to villify. I think it's playing right into the GOP's hands to start in-fighting about Hillary.
And since this is my Blog, I believe that'll be the last word on the subject, at least from you.
Go in peace, bro.

'Bean said...

Wow - mighty white of ya!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Look, I don't go on anyones' blogs and rag on politicians with whom the owner of the blog has some level of affinity.
I don't even do that on pro-Bush blogs, much less on other peoples' gay, liberal Democrat blogs.
Like a newspaper publisher, a blog owner has the right to edit or not publish rants they find offensive.
As such, you have abused my hospitality, and your 15 minutes are up.
Bye bye, now.