Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday in San Antonio

Auto Update:
Gee, what a shock--no word from the auto theft detectives about my stolen car.
Otherwise, it's a beautiful day in the city- clear blue skies, sunny and 67 degrees. I may take a bike ride later on, if my bike is still there.
Did y'all hear about the terrorists from the USS Cole bombing escaping from a prison in Yemen? Once again, the long arm of the Bush administration keeps protecting us from terrorism.
In other news, that gay bashing Nazi kid from New Bedford was shot in the head and killed after he shot a cop and others while he was on the lam in Arkansas. I may be a liberal dove, but I do loves me a bit of frontier justice. RIP, mofo.
Betty Friedan died.
Young whippersnappers out there would do themselves a favor if they looked into the life and work of Friedan. Her book, "The Feminine Mystique" caused a lot of us women back in the day to start to rear up on our haunches and get active.
Last night, a friend brought over an enormous hookah and some apple scented tobacco. I'd never smoked tobacco in a hookah before. It was rather enjoyable, though I did sort of miss the aftereffects of the last thing I smoked in a hookah.
My best friend Anna told me they have hookah bars in Seattle now- it's the new rage, she said. Now I feel inadvertantly hip.
Today is Stupor Bowl Sunday. It's a great day to go out shopping...that is, if you have a car.


A Lag said...

I don't smoke cigarettes, cigars, or dope, but I love the hookah. Smooth draw, nice buzz, no stink.

BigSis said...

Smoking a hookah is like breathing in flavored air. You need to come up to Austin and I'll take you to our favorite hookah bar owntown, The Red Fez. You can choose from many flavors of tobacco, like pineapple.

What's the latest on your ride?

dusty said...

How long till they "MIA" your car and give you the cash value of it?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh boy, the Red Fez sounds interesting!
As you can see by my Monday blog update, my car is back.
Props go to GEICO, who acted with great haste to help me settle up. Most insurance companies want to give the cops 30 days to locate stolen cars before they settle. GEICO only demands a 15-day wait.