Thursday, February 02, 2006

How's Your Day Been So Far?

Mine started out kind of shitty.
As I took the trash to the curb for pickup this morning around 7:30, I noticed something was different about my driveway.
My car wasn't parked in it.
Yep, some motherfucker crackhead stole my Acura, my all time favorite car.
Just two months ago, I spent more than $1,500 under the hood, having my mechanic bring the engine up to showroom condition. I also had about $30 worth of gas in the tank.
And the thief stole what was in it,too:
A stack of CD's, including my favorite Annie Lennox CD, my prescription sunglasses, my CD player, my red scarf, my umbrella from Montreal with the gorgeous silk screened art on it, my little pile of winning lottery scratch-off tickets, a brand new box of Gain detergent, 20 pounds of kitty litter, my lucky charm beaded gecko, my water bottle, a pile of loose change and a brand new tin of Altoids mini mints.
Yes, it was locked.
Yes, it did have an alarm and yes, it was on.
Yes, it was parked just outside my bedroom window.
No, I didn't hear a thing as I slept.
Yes, I have theft insurance.
No, I don't have a rental car rider on my policy.


Oh, well, at least some crackhead is driving around in a fast car with three different anti-Bush bumper stickers on it.
I hope the black market auto crooks down in Mexico appreciate it.


Sarah Letnes said...

That's so crappy.

larkohio said...

Karen, I feel so bad for you. I hope that you get it back intact. I am always the one to think positively.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Great news- GEICO apparently has a provision for a rental car voucher if your car is stolen.
I love rental cars- they are the best all-terrain vehicles EVER!

CLD said...

Hope you get your car and your belongings back -- all in one piece and still in mint condition.

And you might want to consider getting a new alarm system that actually works. I'm going to test mine somehow when I get home.

Don't you have a garage on your house? We keep our cars in the garage at night.

Elayne said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about this! I didn't opt for the rental car insurance on my GEICO policy either, but after the freak accident that happened 2-1/2 weeks ago I'm going to next time! (This public transit commute is exhausting me...) I hope they find your car.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Of course, Chari. I have a two car garage- filled with crap that's not worth even what the tires on my stolen car cost me.

there's my 'I'm a dumb-ass' expression

BigSis said...

I've heard you're better off if the cops never find your stolen care because whoever took it will crap it up royally. Then you have the huge cost of repairs not covered by insurance. AND the forever creepy feeling that something yukky went on in your car while it was in someone's elses hands.

No, let's hope your ride has already been pimped out in Mexico and you can move on to a fresh new car.

dusty said...

jesus sorry your day started so shitty KZ..

A Lag said...

That sucks.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I spoke to an insurance agent pal of mine today who said if the car's not back within 48 hours, I can pretty well forget it.
I'd just as soon the crack-heads keep it. Like bigsis said, no telling what those fuckers did to it.

The Educated Eclectic said...

This sucks big time. Sorry KZ.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Sorry to hear about it!