Friday, February 24, 2006

Freedom Toast, Freedom Fries

When that idiot Bob Ney, a Congressman from Ohio, insisted the Congressional cafeteria start calling French fries and French toast, "freedom fries and freedom toast," we all laughed at his stupidity.
Now the lunatic fringe in the Middle East have started calling Danish pastry, "roses of the prophet Mohammed."
Lemme see if I have this straight-
They can't handle cartoons depicting Mohammed, yet they can name pastries after him?

And speaking of idiots, after George Bush has spent the last six years trying to scare the hell out of us by claiming Arab terrorists are out to kill us- and any Arab might be a terrorist, now he wants us to be all-inclusive and let them operate our ports?

In an e-mail discussion with my political nemesis Recycled Sip Clyde, he was flabbergasted that I was in favor of racial profiling at airports and other venues. He thought I had betrayed the liberals.
I say, hell yes I'm for racial profiling at airports.
Security agents don't need to be randomly shaking down little old Hispanic ladies at airports, they need to be strip searching guys with Middle Eastern passports and names like Akbar and Mohammed.
I don't care if they live in Cincinnati and sell carpeting for Sears, I am suspicious of all Middle Eastern types because Bush has spread his paranoia so successfully.

Does that mean I am anti Islamic?
Well, the terrorist division of Islam has given them all a bad name, and I don't see any big clumps of Muslim clerics publicly denouncing suicide bombers or calling for other Islamic extremists to knock it off, so I guess I am.

It's kind of like the way I feel about Christian fundamentalist extremists. I think they give the word Christian a bad connotation, and it causes me to wonder about any self-proclaimed Christian.

I'm not an atheist, but you sure as hell don't see them banding together and flying planes into buildings or bombing embassies or KFC franchises. Nor do you hear them bitching about abortion or gay rights.

Nope. As long as Islamic extremists are blowing shit up, I say keep all of them away from running our ports, and we should watch them like hawks when they are in our country as aliens holding green cards.
And as long as Christian extremists keep trying to control our bodies and souls, they are also suspicious provocateurs who need to be watched carefully.


dusty said...

My knee jerk reaction is the same as yours on many levels. Am I racist? I dunno..I call it protectionism with regard to people of Arab descent.Fuckers would kill us all in a NY minute if they could.

Thing is..the Shrub made them this way towards us. Who has any respect for americans anymore thanks to that dipshit?

But then..I calm down and realize that like you said..his terrorism train is what warps my mind about Arabs.

Even without the terrorism bullshit, its not a good idea to have a foreign country running the show with regards to anything.Nationalism is a good thing and many countries practice it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I got my first dose of Middle Easterers back in '78, when a group of Irani aliens attending college lived in my fourplex and in the identical one next door.
Not only did they slaughter goats on the carpeting in their living rooms, they also said women should know their place or be beaten until they do.
It's not them I mind, it's their 12th century views on women, culture and violence.
I tried my best to get to know them, but they were assholes.
Now nearly 30 years later, I have yet to meet an Islamic I can relate to.
I don't wish them any ill-will, I just think they need to either evolve or piss off.

Lulu Maude said...

I don't know what to make of the racial profiling issue. I do know that it is ironic that Bob Ney was so quick to coin the self-righteous term Freedom Fries and that he is turning out to be an Abramoff sweetheart. A perverse satisfaction there!

Sarah Letnes said...

Behavioral profiling would have caught the men that bought one-way plane tickets with cash and flew into the Twin Towers. I don't think racial profiling would be practical or all that effective. The TSA is stopping two-year-olds with the same name as someone on the known terrorist list, for goodness sake. What good is that doing anybody?

And as much as Bush has tarnished the image of America, the hatred of Muslim Extremists extends far beyond his reign of terror. They’ve hated us, and Israel for a long time.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Okay, my idea of profiling would practically eliminate toddlers unless they were with suspicious looking guardians who may have loaded a little plastique in their Pampers.
Basically, a little more careful visual inspection and a few questions asked of "likely suspects" wouldn't hurt.
Making random searches of people who look like me, trying to get home from Vegas after being awake for three days, is a fucking waste of time and personnel.
Let's take a look at the faces of the 9/11 terrorists---see any similarities among them?
Well, check out that type and the women who travel with them, if there are any.
Honestly- if a half dozen Saudi men are all boarding the same U.S. airliner at the same time, fuck 'em-go get the sniffer dogs.
If people of certain Middle Eastern descent are offended, tough luck. We all have to sacrifice after 9/11.

dusty said...

Hey KZ,not to go off topic hear about the newly found emails that were turned over to Fitz regarding PlameGate? Tricky Dick is really gonna want a drink according to the article I read tonight.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Dusty- no, I haven't heard about that. Clue us in, please.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ooops, spoke too soon.
Dusty's blog, listed at the right, has the whole story.

'Bean said...

Hey there - Julien introduced me to your blog (I post some on hers) and she stated I would like what you have to say.

Well - she was right.

I'm a 30-something gay guy from the Midwest transplanted to New York State. My biological folks were "Western Immigrant Muslims." We all know the type - both college educated, professional, upper-income suburbia.

And, from my own experience behind the "Westernized," non-goat Islamic veil?

We liberals need to seriously reconsider how we handle the whole Islam-Arab-Palestine thing.

Now, I'm not *JUST* a liberal. I'm a liberal who wants the Equal Rights Amendment - defeated in the 1980s - ratified. I support a more Socialist view of free-market economics (Democratic Socialism, if you like). I want to see Hillary Clinton kicked to the curb because she is TOO damn right-wing for me.

And, despite being of the way-far Left, precisely because I AM an Ex-Muslim, I really oppose the port deal as well as any other form of "support for our Islamic bretheren."

Our Islamic bretheren have made it damn clear they oppose women's rights, women's freedoms, the right to choose what one does with one's body, the right to marry (or not) as one pleases, environmental regulation (ESPECIALLY on petroleum), and economic regulation.

Forgive me, but such views sound AWFULLY Republican.

Add faith-based education, faith-as-welfare, religious philosophy driving science, and either imprisonment or overt execution of gay-bi-lesbian-trans folks, and I think the only real difference between Islam and the religious right here, in our country?


No thanks - I was raised in that conservative hell: just because our Republican enemies happen to GENERALLY dislike this particular group on a day-to-day basis does not make this group our friends.

Worse yet when the members of this group speak accent-free English, join country clubs, hob-nob with local politicans, and promote the idea "Islam is just like them."

Given my own mother, who I just described above, has been hosting a prayer vigil for nearly 20 years that, if I am gay (which I am) God will insure I contract and die of AIDS to save her Estee-Lauder-made-up face from public shame, you can perhaps see my bitterness . . . but lest it just be construed as FAMILY conflict and not a broader culture issue . . . let me also add a Wright-State-University Medical-School-affiliated Pathologist happens to agree with Islam's (and therefore my Mother's) views on AIDS and gay folk, and this Pathologist vigorously supports my Mother's prayers.

Karen, the idea that "all people are created equal" is a noble one.

I think it's best we give up the desperately-needs-to-die 1960s bullshit idea that "all ideas and perspectives are equal," thought.

The reality is, both me (for being gay) and you (for being a woman) would have to drastically change how we live the instant we disembarked a plane on Muslim soil.

I do not see the need, given we are a Western society, to do the same should the Muslim disembark on our soil - even moreso, in fact, given nobody else is offered the same consideration.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bean, forgive me for being just a humble journalist trained to distill the complicated into clarity, but as such, I must ask... what is the point you were trying to make?

'Bean said...

Point: mistrust of both Islam and of the Amtalebangelists makes damn good sense for anyone.

Was that, perhaps, a bit more precise??

BigSis said...

I'm with 'bean...don't trust any religious fanatics from any country. And to take it a step further, question those who use their respective god's name to force they're agenda on us.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bean and Sis, okay, I am clear now and I agree with great enthusiasm.
Anyone whose God wants to judge and/or punish me is worshiping *someone*, but I doubt it's really God.
The God of my choosing is a kind and loving one, who would not condone war, torture or oppression.
To me, any kind of religious fundamentalism is suspicious.
The only fundamentalists I appreciate are NBA basketball players.

'Bean said...


I don't even go that far.

And for the record?

Some seven years ago, I converted to Judaism (Reform). Although, two years back, I got a yet to get "traditional" and affiliate in the Conservative-Masorti-Reconstructionist Jewish zone (which still allows for my damn Pinko politics and dating-other-guys tendencies).

'Bean said...

I got a yet to get "traditional"

I meant "yen." My fingers were just hallucinating a bit.