Thursday, February 23, 2006

What Gall...

DP World Company out of Dubai has offered to delay taking over the control of six major ports in the United States until Congress has a chance to sort things out.
I have a better idea.
DP World Company, how about you go fuck yourselves and forget about getting your terrorist hands on our already woefully unguarded ports?
Just because you and your terrorist buddies own Bush, it doesn't mean the rest of us trust you crazy bastards.

Jesus. Why can't America go one week without another major Bush administration scandal?
Even the Republicans are sick of this shit.


dusty said...

My local repube rep Bill Thomas was in town holding his warchest party tuesday nite. He drug Dennis Hastert into town with him. Both those fat fuckers announced they are against the port deal. I sat up and shit? YOU TURDS agree with me?

I knew right then that the Shrub was in deep shit.Made me smile a little..

Karen Zipdrive said...

What I'm wondering is how long it'll take Bush's Doberman Karl von Rove to threaten and cojole all these errant Repugnicans into submission.
All he'd have to say are those three little letters: IRS.

BigSis said...

I'm thinking Rove doesn't want to mention the IRS to anyone. I'm also thinking that some of the more outspoken and suddenly autonomus R's know a little sumthin-sumthin about Rove, Bush et al and that gives them immunity in this, the R's, final round.

And I'm with you on the weekly and now daily bad press. Geez, I wanted to see them slip up but now its happening so frequently its almost boring.