Sunday, March 02, 2008


Dear Costco,

Thanks for the notice that my membership will expire in April.
Although I love my $300 bendable magnesium no-line trifocal eyeglasses, the 8 pounds of Jarlsberg, the half gallon of hummus, the 500 count 2-pack of antacids and the 1,000 Splenda packets I bought from you in the last year, the saving I got did not exceed the $50 membership fee.
Besides, I am busy discrediting George Bush by not purchasing anything but basic necessities until his time runs out.
Oh, I'll visit you again before the card expires in April, but it'll be like break-up sex.
I'll go through the motions, chucking into my cart a few kilos of coffee, a couple of cases of Smart-water and maybe a huge box or two of clumpable kitty litter, but there will be no navigation devices, PC's, mattresses or flat screen TVs in my cart.
But please don't be jealous.
I'm not leaving you for another warehouse shopping experience.
It's not you, it's me.


dguzman said...

As much as I LOVE to have backstock of all items in my house (see the 50 rolls of TP, the back-up tube of toothpaste and dishsoap, etc) I gave up Sam's even before I started boycotting WalMart. It was just too easy to spend waaaay too much money in there on giant tubs of Country Crock, etc.

I'm sure Costco will find himself a new gal shortly.

bigsis said...

I'm ashamed to say we were members of both Costco and Sam's Club. Until we realized the piddly savings didn't touch the cost of membership, duh.

Wish I had commissary privileges, the thought of no sales tax makes me swoon.

karenzipdrive said...

Not to pop your balloon sis, but they do stick on a 5 percent surcharge on commissary purchases that would otherwise be taxable in regular grocery stores.
Still, you can get some real deals at the commissary and PX. And no tax at the PX.

Dusty said...

Damn, the membership is up to fifty bucks?

I quit a few years mentioned by you and bigsis..the savings aren't really there and I find it hard to buy anything there since it will probably spoil before I get around to using all of whatever it is I bought in mass quantities.

Offtopic..the pesto pizza was a huge success yesterday! Thank you KZ ;)

karenzipdrive said...

Glad the pizza was a success. What'd you put on it?

Dusty said...

Asparagus and chopped tomatoes.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh, fuck.
On a whim, I went to Costco today and bought:
20 lbs. dry kitty food
80 lbs. clumpy kitty litter
2 cases Smart Water
48 bottles of Ozarka water
1 bottle of Malbec
4 pounds of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans
1 3-pack of Carr's Ginger lemon cookies.
Total: $93. and change
At my local fancy grocery store, the coffee and Malbec alone would have cost me about $70.
I may have to rethink this whole idea about dumping Costco.

Distributorcap said...

can you send me some of the cheaper kitty litter? no costcos in manhattan and no car

Karen Zipdrive said...

Lemme see, a 40 lb. bucket of Fresh Step would cost around $50 to Fed Ex to NYC.
Would you settle for a few pounds of shelled Texas pecans from my own backyard tree?
It won't help your kitty crap issues, but you cannot find better pecans in all of Nueva York!