Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dancing With the Slugs

It's traditional.
The producers always include an elderly person and a reality star in the cast.
Why, I have no idea because it's always (choose one) obnoxious, creepy, depressing, nauseating to watch.
This season, seeing astronaut Buzz Aldrin trying to move his 80-year-old keister while slobbering all over his dance partner is all those things. I like sweet little old men and women, but you can just tell Buzz still thinks he can score with the ladies. He certainly scored with me: I give him a score of zero.
And if anyone thought Kate Gosslein was a controlling grouch who has to force a smile for the cameras, turns out you thought right. She's also uncoordinated, whiney and an awful dancer. And by awful, I mean pathetic to watch.
And one more contestant who turned out to be a smarmy douchebag? Jake Pavelka, last season's bachelor who proposed to the horse-faced, cross-eyed sperm bank, Vienna.
His desire for celebrity is palpable. He's a mediocre dancer, but apparently he'll do anything to keep his face in front of the cameras. He's a total phony--you can just tell it.
Some say watching crap like this is a waste of time.
However, as a lover of the macabre, watching DWtS is my distinct pleasure.
Not to mention eyeing that Pussycat Doll on the floor. Yeow!


Karen Zipdrive said...

***This Just In***
On the Tuesday results show, Buzz Aldrin has been spared from elimination from the fans who voted online and by text.
Who knew so many old geezers were awake long enough to vote by such high tech means?
And Pamela Anderson, who's not a bad dancer, landed toward the bottom, so she might get voted off.
There is no justice on this stupid show.

Lulu Maude said...

"Stars" is a bit generous.

nonnie9999 said...

i don't know who got voted off yet, so don't tell me. however, i hope it was kate gosselin. she was absolutely horrible! she looked like she was in pain. you know what, come to think of it, maybe she should stay. it's obviously painful for her to be on the show, so let her hurt for a while longer. i can fast-forward over her dancing. old buzz gives me the creeps, and i can't stand his partner. i didn't like her when she used to be on, and i wish they hadn't brought her back.

i like jake. i didn't watch the bachelor, so maybe that's why. i think he's cute when he dances. i like niecy, too. she's got so much personality. pamela anderson, to me, looks like a dancing social disease. she's not really a bad dancer, but her facial expressions and just her general attitude makes me barf. she always looks like she's going to lick her partner (who i think is kinda cute). the music she got this week wasn't as challenging as most of the others.

p.s. i hope evan wins.

bigsis said...

I watch Pussycat Nicole and none of the others. Unknowns, untalented, and basically a room full of never wases and never will bees.

Fran said...

Buzz was painful to watch. No amount of anti inflammatories are going to give that guy the flexibility he needs to look good dancing. Toss him off (to the moon?).

I don't like Pamela Anderson at all- but I have to say she pulled off the whole Marilyn Monroe persona thing. That silvery silk dress w sparkles she was wearing was stunning.

Kate G looked mechanical.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I know she's a human Petri dish, but I think Pamela Anderson is a great dancer who just oozes supafreak naughtiness.
Buzz is apparently getting the geezer votes and how Kate Gosslein is still there is a mystery.
She is more painful to watch than old Buzz.

Dusty said...

Love that PussyCat!

And Buzz, who has obviously 'had work done' on his face, should of been dumped. The Old Fuck might stroke out and then what are they gonna do?

Distributorcap said...

just reading the comments is enough to make me not watch

i wish buzz would do the moon walk already

Karen Zipdrive said...

D-Cap, if I were in NYC I would go to your apt and demand you watch it with me!
You'd learn to love it--it's too cheesy not to love.