Thursday, March 04, 2010

Now She's Doing Stand-up Comedy?

Egads. I heard a few snippets of the comedy act Sarah Palin did on Jay Leno, and it's really hard to believe she'd choose that pack of crappy one liners. She really is dumb.
I wish she'd done her act on Funny or, and let us vote on the outcome.
Has she no dignity?
What's next, Dancing With the Stars?
What's with these crazy breeders like Palin, Kate Gosselin and the Octomom? Why aren't they staying home raising their litters instead of gallivanting around and doing anything they can for publicity?
Palin and Gosselin have both "written" books, and Octopussy is working on one of her own. Who'd want to shell out money to read what any of these dipshits have to say?
Has America really come to this?
God help us.


Fran said...

Go visit the princess for some vomitworthy Sarah updates.

She is truly awful.

Fran said...

I decided I better watch it. WTF. That was painful.

Abu Scooter said...

Sarah Palin isn't a moron; she's the sneering, snooty, know-nothing, suburbanite who thinks she's better than you just because her household has more money than yours. As the months pass, that attitude becomes ever more obvious in her voice and her delivery.

We used to mock people like this. These days, all too many people think her snobbery is a good thing. Heavens, I wish she'd get off the TV.

nonnie9999 said...

hey, zippy, you spelled dope wrong.

i read that princess is in hollywood trying to sell an alaskan reality show (real housewives of wasilla?). while she was there, she demanded that she and her entourage (about 20 people) be allowed into the suite where the oscar tchotckes are kept, two hours before the usual opening and when the cameras weren't rolling. she and willow and the others swarmed in and grabbed thousands of dollars worth of stuff.

Lulu Maude said...

LaPalin's stand-up was awful. The nice thing about her venturing into so many worlds is that she doesn't think that there's anything to doing them. And all the yutzes who show up to cheer her on, regardless of the job, simply perpetuate her ignorance.

They should have kicked her out of the swag suites when she wouldn't allow photographs.

Fran said...

I caught Palin's stand up attempt on Leno.

I'd advise her not to quit the day job, but she already did!

Gawd she's awful.

Anonymous said...

Palin's PAC has probably bought up most of the copies of this quitter's manual than anyone else. I think they tally the sales the way USA Today was doing by sticking one on hotel room doors including it in the bill and counting that as "circulation."