Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From a Cheating Jerk to a Nazi Bastard

Oh, how hilarious this guy is.
What fun to put on his Nazi hat and pose for a hilarious seig heil photo. Gosh, even though the Nazis slaughtered millions of Jews, homosexuals and other innocent people, what fun it must be to pretend to be one.
I wish my dad, a WWII veteran who fought the Nazis face to face, was still young enough to round up some of his WWII buddies and beat the living shit out of this clown.
He's not just a cheater anymore. As far as I'm concerned, he's a skinhead Nazi sympathizer cheater.


Dusty said...

I completely agree KZ.

nonnie9999 said...

and his classy girlfriend has a son who's jewish, and she thinks it's hilarious to do nazi salutes in front of him.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The news reported that Jesse James is now in rehab.
I wonder which facility offers cheating Nazis rehab?
What bullshit.
He's obviously hard-wired to be a prick. Ain't no cure for that.

Dusty said...

To me, they were always an odd couple..and specifically I couldn't see what she saw in him.

bigsis said...

Sexual addiction camp, same as Tiger, what a joke. I think they just learn the words to effectively beg for forgiveness and more sophisticated lying techniques so they don't get caught again. If Sandra takes this Nazi jackass back, I'll never see another of her movies.

Fran said...

Looks like Sandra is doing what should be done with trash- throwing him out.

Sounds like divorce pending.

What a total ass he is. Here she had just peaked- winning an academy award, but also did the cool thing- like donate a million bucks to Haiti earthquake relief, and this guy basically shit all over her.

She needs to kick his tattooed ass past the curb, clear to the dump.

Who knows how many nasty diseases he picked up in his raunch/sex-capades?

If I were her I'd get tested now. Ewww

Gawd I hope she did a pre nup.

Distributorcap said...

well since the Nazis like McConnell and Coburn are attempting to take over this country, i guess Jesse just wants to be one of the boys

somehow, i dont find this funny at all

Karen Zipdrive said...

He's totally insensitive.
Such a low class prick.