Monday, March 08, 2010

Oh, Fer Chrissakes

I really hated Mo'nique's Oscar speech.
No, I mean I really hated it.
First of all, she proved that anyone can go without make-up on screen and act like a total bitch. Hell, I could have played that role.
Second, she's allegedly a stand-up comedienne, so why go up there acting so goddamn serious, like she'd just nabbed the Nobel Peace Prize? Was she trying to act dignified? In that horrible, tight dress, she thought she looked dignified??
And all that bullshit about "doing what's right" and how the Academy didn't yield to 'political pressure' by selecting her lumpy ass as best supporting actress?
She was talking about not doing very much publicity for the movie, "Precious," because she felt it was more important to stay home with her kids instead.
What bullshit.
If that was the case, she should have skipped attending the Oscars and stayed home with her damn kids. I think she was just too lazy to hit the road and help publicize the damn movie.
And what was with all the husband worship? She's married to a scrawny geek named Sidney and they have an open marriage, big deal. Who'd want to fuck either one of 'em?
Why is it that comics think they have to be so god-awful serious when they are faced with a situation like the one she found herself in last night?
Honey, once you tell the media you're goin' out for chicken n' waffles at Roscoe's after the last awards ceremony, don't expect them to treat you like Meryl Streep the next time you attend an event.
She lucked out and got a good part that allowed her to look like a slob and act like a bitch. Now she's some kind of artiste?
Give me a fucking break, Mo'nique.
Your aren't that funny and you spell your name stupidly.
And enjoy your Oscar, because trust me, it'll be your last one.


nonnie9999 said...

she couldn't even act like a movie star for a night and shave her friggin' legs for the event.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I like earthy people, so her hairy legs and penchant for chicken n' waffles nevere bothered me. It was just when she tried to pull this dignified diva act that pissed me off.
She needs to decide what she wants her image to be and stop being such a phony asshole in expecting things to be both ways.
I hope she got chicken grease all over her satin dress, and that JC Penney refused to take it back.

nonnie9999 said...

i stand corrected. she is a movie star if she got her dress at jc penney's instead of walmart. (i bet her desiger's name is clarence, or clearance, i never remember how to spell his name)

Sue J said...

I recently saw a DVD where she went to a women's prison and did a show. It had "behind the scenes" footage with the Mon'nique meeting the women, and it was unbelievably moving and she seemed like an incredible person. In her standup routine she was just so nasty, and I lost count but I think she used the line "I could be your cellmate b**ch!" at least one hundred times.

I can take her in small doses, as a little Mo'nique goes a very long way.