Thursday, March 14, 2002

Alpha Dog Got the Boot

Last night on Survivor, Hunter Ellis, the macho pilot/alpha dog of the crappy Maraamou tribe got kicked off. I guess all his machismo leadership which led to three failures at the immunity trials was enough for the five remaining stragglers in his tribe to get fed up and get rid of him. Score one for those of us who aren't strong, white, blue eyed Waspy males.
Now the Maraamou tribe is left with Gina the nature guide who is gorgeous unless she talks, Rob the Tony Danza clone from Massachusetts, Sarah the lazy girl, Sean the you pickin' on me cause I am black teacher from Harlem, and Vecepia the level headed and calm Maya Angelou wannabe.
In other TV news, Zed was kind enough to indulge me and watch the celebrity boxing match with me last night. Tonya Harding beat up Paula Jones, so that was nice.
I think my taste in TV caused my dear Zed to downgrade me about 50 points in her estimation of my intellect.

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