Friday, March 22, 2002

Will Blog for Comments

Okay, I am spoiled and I like reblog comments.
I know it's hard sometimes.
I read other people's blogs and it's hard to reply to someone who writes something like,
"I got a haircut today and am going to cut my dog's toenails later."
I have thought about making a controversial post, something politically incorrect like, "Why the fuck would anyone want to cover their body and wear a veil over their head and face and walk around in New York these days?"
But then Suzy would get on my ass about it.
Then I thought about saying they should host the next season of "Survivor" in Los Angeles and do challenges like walking in downtown Inglewood alone at midnight wearing a diamond bezel Rolex and holding a $500 CD boombox with loud Garth Brooks music playing. But then someone might call me a redneck Texas bitch.
I could write about my wonderful, sexy Zed but basically nobody wants to read that kinda stuff, not even her.
So I will have to resort to bribery.
Yes, the most frequent reblogger will receive a grand prize of ...well, something, I don't know what, but it'll be cool.

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