Saturday, March 16, 2002

When Normalcy Becomes an Issue

Gee, I hate to admit this but my life has become so 'normal' I am without my usual angst-powered edge that fuels my bloggy tirades.
Work is good, my cats are behaving, I have no financial worries to speak of and my girlfriend is wonderful.
I have a vacation to Vegas coming up in two weeks, my lawn is mowed, my car is washed, and I feel healthy and energetic.
This must be just a little like how Alanis Morrissette felt when her angst-ridden album, "Jagged Little Pill" netted her more than 20 million bucks. Not a lot to bitch about when you're 23 and made your age in millions that year.
So now I must blather about the mundane.
Today I might go to the nursery and buy some herbs to repot in my empty planters, what with my former plants being devastated by two nights of below-freezing weather.
I found out rosemary, Greek oregano and garlic chives can survive any weather conditions or draught. It's that damned basil that's sensitive, and of course that's my favorite to cook with.
Basil is tricky to buy because growers have bastardized it into so many awful flavors now. Lemon basil, chocolate basil, purple basil, baby leaf basil and so on all taste crappy in pesto. Trust me on this.

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