Friday, March 29, 2002

Oprah and the Pedophile Catholic Priests

Oprah's show yesterday dealt with the scandalous news about the rampant pedophilia in the Catholic church among its priests.
Not only is the church rife with pervert child molesters, the bishops and archbishops have been caught transferring these evil bastards to other parishes once they get caught. Some have been transferred to six or more different parishes to hide their filthy behavior.
That has been the common solution, as opposed to defrocking the criminals and reporting them to the police for the crimes they committed.
The Catholic church has been hemorrhaging money in the millions to settle hundreds of lawsuits brought by adults who were molested by priests as children.
Still the Catholic church refuses to hand over records detailing what measures if any were taken against priests caught molesting children.
The Vatican has pretty much told the U.S. diocese leaders they were on their own as far as coughing up the legal fees and settlement dough.
As I mentioned, I attended a Catholic mass recently and found myself spiritually uncomfortable watching the slightly effeminate priest and listening to his tales of teaching second graders in catechism school.
I just sort of assumed he was a pedophile and the whole thing made me sick.
Not all pedophile priests are gay. Some molest little girls and teen girls with the same enthusiasm as their gay brethren.
It's not a gay or straight issue, it's a child molestation issue.
It's exposing children to these phony messengers of God, only to have them shatter their innocence in the name of the Lord.
When I was little, priests and nuns were thought to have some special, supernatural connection to God. We were taught to admire them and trust in their piety.
Well, now I am an adult and I see the Catholic church as a haven for pedophiles, gay men and lesbians who are too cowardly to live their sexual lives honestly and choose instead to hide behind Jesus Christ and a mess of phony, meaningless vows.
Pope John Paul is out of it. The church is more hypocritical than the democrats and republicans combined.
When I saw the collection plates being passed at mass last week, all I could think about was how much of that money was going to be spent on settling child molestation lawsuits out of court and the church maintaining their filthy little secrets. I didn't contribute.
The Catholic church needs to polygraph all existing priests to screen for child molesters, ordain women as priests and stop the stupid celibacy requirement so they can attract some normal clergy and weed out these miserable kiddy fuckers.

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