Thursday, March 14, 2002


Nice job, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, on delivering two of the 9/11 terrorists' student visas to the Florida flight school they attended. Not only that, they were delivered six months AFTER these jerks were already dead.
Good to see the INS is on the job, and more vigilant than ever about not granting terrorists visas.

Andrea Yates the baby killer is fucking insane. She needs a life sentence in a mental hospital, not life in prison and not on death row. Good luck. Harris County leads the state in executions, and for Texas, that's saying something.

Rosie O'Donnell timed her coming out with the furor in Florida about gays not being able to adopt kids. I think she chose a good time and a great cause. More power to her. If you can, go to and send that idiot Governor Jeb Bush a letter.

Last night's celebrity boxing was the worst of sensationalized trash TV, so of course I wanted to watch it. Danny Partridge kicked Greg Brady's ass, Todd Bridges kicked Vanilla Ice's ass and Tonya Harding beat up Paula Jones pretty good. Paula still looks like an aardvark, even with the nose job.

Dubya Bush said, "We will deal with Iraq" in a menacing tone last night.
Sure, Dubya, like you have "dealt with" bin Laden? I realize Bush probably has ADD, but he really should finish one thing before he starts another.
I am convinced this war is just a way to line the pockets of Dubya's largest campaign contributors from the American military industrial complex.
They have had six months and a billion dollars a day to handle this mess and there is zero to show for it. Dubya should do what his daddy should have done to Barbara 50+ years ago- PULL OUT.

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