Tuesday, March 05, 2002

What Nerve.

Gary Condit is up for reelection in the California primary today.
I can't believe his gall.
Even if he *only had an affair* with 23-year-old Chandra Levy as he admitted to the police, he's still too sickening to hold office.
That smarmy, forced smile, that reedy voice, those evil eyes, that bad blow and go hair-do, who wants to see this slimy clown for another four years?
His campaign gibberish hit new lows in pandering to the voters.
He said reelecting him was the only way to keep Chandra Levy's disappearance an open investigation.
He's like O.J. Simpson. You just know he did it, but he got away with it.
If the voters in his district return him to office, they'll be getting what they deserve.

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