Friday, March 01, 2002

Rosie O'Donnell's Gay???

Gee, what a shock!
Finally, Rosie comes clean and maybe now we can expect some adult humor again instead of all the gushy mommy and kiddy crap she's been selling on TV all these years.
I remember her standup days when she was edgy and funny instead of being "the queen of nice." Glad to see she's going back to her more entertaining persona.
The lesbian celebrity closet has nearly been emptied.
Melissa Etheridge, Ellen DeGeneris, k.d. lang, Portia DeRossi, now Rosie O'Donnell. That just leaves Jodie Foster for the jackpot bonus round.
Well, there is Paula Poundstone, but I'd just as soon she stay in the closet, what with her sordid life and those hideous, tertiary colored suits and ties she wears.
We queers did have to return Julie Cypher and Anne Heche to the straight community, but one was a tramp and the other a lunatic, so I'd say we were lucky to lose them.
I think I can come to like Rosie again now that she's not talking about wanting to hump Tom Cruise. I always thought that was the most ridiculous ruse, especially with the rumors he was gay.
For the record, I don't think he's gay. I think he's just a tiny little guy with greasy hair, and nowhere fashionable enough to be a gay man.
Anyway, I am glad Rosie decided to come out and I think she had her own legitimate reasons for doing it in her own time, on her own terms.
Gay activists who rant and rave about celebrities not coming out don't seem to get that it's none of their fucking business when and if someone opts to do that. I think it's good to see many gay activists supporting Rosie's timing of her queer debut, and I applaud them for it.
Not to flip-flop, but I think we need to see more male celebrities opening the closet door now that the women have blazed a trail. We have Elton John, George Michael and Boy George, but aren't there any American queens in Hollywood?
Who do you think might be gay in Hollywood? Kevin Spacey is my first suspect. Oh, and I have my doubts about Ricky Martin, too. And Louie Anderson...and maybe even Ross the Intern.

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