Friday, March 01, 2002

Famous Reblog Quotes Through the Ages

"Our life is frittered away by Blogging. Reblog, Reblog, simplify."
-Henry David Thoreau

"The struggle to receive reblogs will make a human heart swell. Sisyphus must never have gotten reblogged." -Albert Camus

"That's one small blog for man, and one giant leap for rebloggers."
-Neil A. Armstrong

"Just as the sweet-apple reddens on a high branch, high on the highest, and the rebloggers missed it, or rather did not miss it, but dared not reach it."

"I blog, and so to bed, with nary a reblog."
-Samuel Pepys

"J'y suis, blogging, j'y reste, sans reblogs."
(Here I am, blogging, and here I stay, without reblogs)
-Marshal MacMahon

"The Soul selects her own blog topics
Then-- shuts the door--
To her divine Rebloggers--
Present no more."
-Emily Dickinson

"Sir, more than kisses, reblogs mingle souls."
-John Donne

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