Thursday, September 04, 2003

AIDS, Africa and The Not So Amiable Dunce

When I first heard about Dubya's initiatives to fund programs to help Africans with AIDS, I applauded him. I jumped the gun.
I was wrong.
In his last State of the Union address, the resident announced a new program and pledged $15 billion over the next five years to fight AIDS in Africa.
But instead of using existing channels, he created a new boondoggle bureaucracy. Now the White House and Congressional Republicans argue that since the bureaucracy is not ready, dying patients must wait.
You heard me.
The Senate is scheduled to vote soon on an appropriations bill that contains $2 billion for the AIDS initiative, only $500 million more than this year's spending. Congress has approved even less.
Basically what Dubya has done is to say one thing and mean another.
There are several established and efficient African-based programs to help people with AIDS. Dubya and his cronies want to avoid channeling money into already established AIDS fighting groups because they cannot micromanage them.
When I make a charitable contribution, I make it and it's up to the donee how to spend the money. When Bush makes a charitable contribution, he wants to create the charity, then tell them how to spend the money.
All that African orphan hugging Bush did in Africa a few months ago was bullshit.
The money he pledged could already have been saving lives.
As usual, Bush is all talk and no walk.
Just one more reason to want this Bozo thrown out on his ass.

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