Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Dear Readers,

My ancient browser, my outdated AOL version, BlogSpot's revamped system fucking up the date on my publisher and my general computer ineptitude have caused an unfortunate delay in my ability to post Blogs in a timely manner.
I wish to thank Grey Bird for her saintly willingness to post recent Blogs for me, but I am trying not to inundate her with requests so that my standard Survivor Blogs will still have a shot of being published, thanks to her largess.
While I am disabled, I offer the following topics for discussion in my
comments box:
· Bush begging the UN to bail him out in a pathetic speech to the UN General Assembly.
· General Wesley Clark, a nice Democrat, passing up the resident in recent polls.
· That Mitsubishi ad is back, the one with the horrible chick in the pink hat doing the popping dance in the passenger seat while her male companion with the livid gingivitis looks on approvingly. Why is it back?
· USA network running tons of Law & Order SVU reruns with Mariska Hargitay looking so hot I want to lick the TV screen. Agree?
· Summer is over and it's cool in Texas and I love it. Your weather?
· My girlfriend and I are still happily together, making a new record for us not breaking up for six weeks already. Who lost the bet?
· All of AOL's tech support telephone staff seem to be from Punjab, India now.
· Howard Dean's fabulous quotes: "This campaign is not about who will be the
2004 Democratic presidential nominee but who will protect democracy and the nation's ideals from the Bush administration.
''Democracy itself is at stake in this election,'' Dean said in Boston. ''The extreme right wing has shown nothing but contempt for democracy.''
Pointing to a flag on the platform, Dean said, ''This flag does not belong to Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, John Ashcroft, Tom DeLay and Dick Cheney. This flag belongs to us and we want our country.''

Talk amongst yourselves.

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