Friday, September 05, 2003

At the Hospital

I saw my new GYN Oncologist today, who said after two and a half years without any signs of recurring cancer I was just about home free. He switched me from Prempro to Premarin, so if I go berserk and hunt down Barcodie and smite him upside the head, someone please print this and give it to my defense attorney, Gloria Allred.
While I was waiting at the pharmacy, which is on an Army post, I broke the cardinal rule about not trashing the President. The old lady sitting next to me started it by complaining about high prices in the commissary, I blamed the resident's economy and we were off and running.
The old lady and her husband, and the lady behind me and her two teen daughters used these adjectives in describing Bush: stupid, clueless, crooked, dishonest, crazy, dumb, Herbert Hooverish, power hungry and arrogant.
None of us were whispering, either.
The drums are pounding. Word is spreading. People don't like this regressive, dishonest pimp for the mega wealthy, and he's not going to get a second chance to screw us.

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