Monday, September 29, 2003

Bush Whacked

It's gotten to be a little too easy finding things to criticize about the resident and his administration.
You have to wonder if former CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush called his errant son and admonished him for allowing his handler Karl Rove to out the wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson as a CIA agent. Not to be picky, but identifying a CIA agent to the media is not only a felony, it's tantamount to treason, according to a speech made by George H.W. Bush back in his CIA days.
For Dubya to claim in his campaign speeches that his presidency would restore integrity to the Oval Office was just one more horrendous lie.
Ambassador Wilson told the world Dubya had lied about Iraq trying to buy uranium from Africa. Soon thereafter, columnist Robert Novak cited anonymous government sources when he divulged that Mrs. Wilson was a CIA agent, working on the weapons of mass destruction non-issue.
Dubya has stated through his press secretary that Karl Rove was not involved in the treasonous crime. Okay, if he's sure it wasn't Rove, then who was it?
This leak to the media makes Clinton lying to Congress about getting a blowjob totally trivial. In fact, a leak like this is far worse than Watergate.
This was treason and it happened on the amiable dunce's watch.
Gee, maybe John Ashcroft can investigate it and prosecute the criminals involved. That is, if he's not the one who leaked the story.

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