Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Survivor: Update and Preview

Nicole, the massage therapist from Hermosa Beach, CA was the first to get the boot on last week's Survivor premier. Poor dear tried to be conniving but she forgot how to midstream.
In the 70's, I lived just north of Hermosa in Manhattan Beach, and as I recall Hermosa Beach was an ideal place to get drunk, score drugs, get laid, get drunk, get stoned and... aw hell, I forget the rest.
Yes, Hermosa is where excess brain cells go to die. Just ask Nicole.
Adieu, Nicole. The cool thing is, like, you'll probably forget you were even on Survivor, like really fast, man.
For this Thursday, look to Hagrid to mix it up with mega Alpha dog Andrew Savage, in a classic battle of big, hairy, suppressed angry guy in a floral flirt skirt versus overly buffed, uptight, mean lawyer son of a bitch in Armani cutoffs.

On the chopping block this time?
Look to Ryan Shoulders, the ne'er do well hippie/nerdy kid who tried to score acid in a druggie newsgroup online, or Trish Dunn, the 42-year-old from Maryland who makes plain oatmeal look like flaming cherries jubilee.
Ryan is annoying and Trish is entirely disposable.

Sidebar: Osten Tatious wore those red boxer briefs down to nubs last week, with the waist elastic apparently gone missing and his ass n' hangy stuff bobbling around in plain view. His hunky pals were only too eager to show off their manpanties, too.
By now you can add stinky and nasty to the undies mix, so that should add some visual interest for the straight girls and gay boys out there. We dykes will just watch the near-naked men prancing around and say "eeuuwwww" a lot.
Thank God for the video blurring tool. That's all I'm saying.

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