Thursday, September 11, 2003

Nine Eleven

Two years later and still no Bin Laden.
Billions spent in the Middle East and still no domestic airport security on
the level we need to be truly secure.
Suddenly it's treasonous to call our lying president a liar. He is a liar. No
libel there, just like there are no WMD's in Iraq.
"Dixie Chicked" has become a term that means "exercise your first amendment
rights and be condemned." All Natalie Mains said was she was ashamed Bush was
from Texas.
I'm a Texan who's ashamed he's from Texas. Many of us are ashamed of him.
He dropped his fucking dog, how stupid is that guy?
He's dragged our country away from logic, reason and civil discourse.
He told the UN "fuck you" before the war he started, now he's asking for
their help to clean up the $6 billion a month mess he made.
Their answer should be "Fuck you, George."
He dodged the draft, then had the colossal balls to don the flightsuit many
of our warriors have fought and died in to stage a premature victory rally on a
naval ship while families of true warriors waited onshore to see their loved
He didn't call it a victory, he was too chickenshit for that, but the banner
behind him read, "Mission Accomplished." Another lie.
We have viable candidates to replace this moron.
Gen. Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, even John Kerry would bring dignity back to
the White House.
Two years after 9/11 and we are in worse shape than ever under this crooked,
spineless leadership.
American people are starting to realize that anyone could have said the right
'go get em' words on 9/11/2001 and sounded reassuring.
Fact is, George W. Bush was the wrong man at the wrong time and he's failed
us miserably. We deserve more. He's got to go.

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